How To Fix Flat Feet

How To Fix Flat Feet

Our feet are extremely important to use because we put a lot of weight and pressure on them and this is one of the reasons why we need to take proper care of them. If we are unable to run and walk, we would need to be assisted by crutches or other devices that would make it possible for us to get around and this is the last thing that anyone active person wants. In this article we are going to discuss the flat foot condition and how you can do something to fix it.

The first thing that we need to talk about is what flat foot is and what causes it. The condition is because when the ligaments and small bones on your feet in connection to your tendons, are unable to support the rest of your body and they basically collapse all the way to the floor. This means that the arch on your foot is no longer there re this makes it harder for you to move around.

The best methods to fix your flat foot problem can all be performed without any corrective surgery and that is definitely a relief for most people. The costs of corrective surgery can be high and they are reserve only for very severe cases. The best way to diagnose that you have flat feet is to do a simple test. Grab a moist cloth and rub it on your feet, then place your feet in a piece of paper. If you can see the entire shape of your feet, you definitely have flat feet. A foot with a foot with a good arch would only leave a print of about 60% of the surface of your feet.

There are some flat feet that have a certain level of elasticity and the arch is still present when the feet are not under pressure, but they turn flat when the person is standing. This is the main reason why some people have a mild condition compared to others who have a lost the flexibility on their tendons. One of the best ways to correct this is to do heavy stretching exercises that will always promote the flexibility of the tendons that can keep the feet with the proper kind of arch.

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Another common cause for flat feet is due to bone deformity and this is usually the kind of case in which the foot remains flat at all times even when no weight or pressure is being applied to it. This is known as the most difficult kind of flat foot to cure. There are ways to correct it but in most cases the use of surgery will be necessary and that is the reason why proper evaluation from a doctor to determine the severity of the condition is always a good idea. The best thing that you can do once you get a proper diagnosis is to start the required treatment, but if your condition is not causing pain or difficulty walking or running, then you really shouldn’t worry about it so much.

Another problem that causes flat foot more often than people think is obesity. This has been directly linked to flat foot since it became obvious that overweight people who had a proper arches on their feet, started to lose them gradually as they gained too much weight. This is another very common cause flat foot and the only way to treat the condition is to lose weight and see what kind of damage has been done to the tendons and ligaments. Then, proper treatment can be decided.

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