Benefit Of Barefoot Running

Benefit Of Barefoot Running You Need To Know

Sport is one of the most interesting activities, helping people to improve their heath physically and mentally. And the most practicing and simplest is running. Running seems like the simplest activity that children, young teenagers and even an old man can practice it any time. Easy to exercise, however the running improves our body strength, reduces risk of organs disease such as heart, lungs and help to reduce weight. And mentioning of running, we usually think that we need a durable and nice running shoes. Though, some opinion appearing in recent years show that you don’t need shoe to run. Some experts even say that running in barefoot have many advantages overs running with a shoe. So, let’s see what we will get with the oldest and simplest mode of running – in barefoot.

History Of Running In Barefoot

For some of us, even going out on the street is something really weir and just few of us dare to do so. So running in barefoot is almost something impossible to happen. But don’t forget that in the very first year of human life, we were walking in barefoot!

While society is developed, people live become more affluent. They invented various things to improve life quality, including shoe. Until now, running with shoe seems to become a normal thing, and we believe that good running shoe protect runners from injuries, pain and improve performance. However, in some case, the opposite is shown. In 1960, an Ethiopian runners won the Olympic marathon in barefoot because the shoe supplier didn’t have his size. In 1985 and 1986, a South African runner won IAAF in barefoot. In 2003, another runner had impressed the world by running more than 50 marathons… in barefoot.

So, even a professional runner can run in barefoot without fear of any obstacle. And now more and more runners enjoy practicing in barefoot. Once again, we go back to our beginning basic style of running. But now, the modern science has discovered its benefits that lots of us still haven’t known about.

Benefits Of Barefoot Running

Indeed, barefoot running gives us many advantages. Running in barefoot increases strengthen of the muscles naturally, improves foot’s tendons and ligaments. By running in barefoot, the straight of foot improve naturally so that runners can reduce injuries. Besides, because of the excessive padding of running shoes, the heel strike was developed. But when running in barefoot, heel strike doesn’t develop as using shoe. Moreover, if you run in barefoot, you will learn how to land on the forefoot or midfoot, leading to improve absorption of arches. Because when running, barefoot runners don’t have any support but the natural-absorbing – arches.

Running in barefoot also allows you to improve balance and proprioception. Usually, foot, ankles, legs and hips suffer body’s weight. If you run in barefoot, small muscles in these parts will increase, leading to provide more balance to your body.

Finally, running in barefoot also allows your body to relax, improves other organs. Because, there are so many acupuncture point in our foot. All these points affect to others organs and mental of a person. By running in barefoot, you have chance to “acupuncture” these point so many time, so that other parts of body can be ameliorated too.

Things You Should Know!

Even though running in barefoot have plenty benefits, but if we don’t do it right, it will go against you. For high arches runners and flat feet runners, this style of running isn’t recommended due to lack of natural absorbing – arches. Those runners really need support from professional shoe that could fulfill their demands. Besides, normally we run or walk with shoe. So removing shoes may lead to Achilles tendinitis or calf strain – common injuries caused if you aren’t used to walking and running with barefoot. So for the very first time, you should slowly adapt this style to daily activities, or you can use an activity tracker.

We usually can be disturbed by the heat or cold of the ground, depends on what season. If we are lucky enough, we will not step into any road debris like glass, rocks… So, why there are some runners who can still run miles from miles in barefoot?

Tips For Barefoot Beginner

If you have chance, you can totally enjoy your running on the beach or grass. Because these terrains are flat and soft, your feet won’t get hurt or any injuries during whole performance. Besides, running with nature, we could easily relax your mind, let it free for a while so that you could working better. Imagine that you run alongside the ocean on the beach, feeling its wave and winds. Imagine that you run in grass, in a middle of a green spacious space and breathing the fresh air of the early morning. Just think about it, I already feel comfortable and exciting about my practice. Moreover, small sand or herb just like the natural needles, acupuncture in your foot. It’s like you do an Asian therapy without paying.

If you’re living in city and it’s hard to find an ideal place to practice, minimal shoe is what you need. Nowadays, runners have more interest in barefoot running and well-known manufacturers always catch up their demand. Minimal shoe is shoe that approximate barefoot running condition. It just a simple shoe without cushioning and rubber sole. It just closely covers your foot so that you can feel secured while running in city. There are two types of minimal shoe, you’re free to choose.


Running in barefoot isn’t new method or style. It’s just a traditional way of running that we used to use very long time ago. There, indeed, are lots of benefits if you choose to run in barefoot. However, you have to do it right in order to gain all its benefits. It also doesn’t mean that running with shoe is no good at all. You can definitely practice with shoe and still have lots of advantages and conveniences from it. It’s up to you to choose with way that you want to go. Just like choosing type of music, it depends on which way you prefer.

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