Best Long Throw Projector Reviews

Long-throw projectors are the best thing to have around in a movie party. The movie can be displayed on any large platform, everyone can see clearly, and the visuals don’t even compare to a big screen TV. These things are also great to have at office meetings and any large venue that would require a projector.

To get great picture quality, you need the best long throw projector. A good quality long-throw projector will make sure that no matter how enlarged the picture gets, there is no compromise in resolution.

Choosing the right long throw projector amongst all the available ones can be quite confusing. This article is all you need to get to know everything about a long throw projector.

5 Best Long Throw Projector Reviews

Here’s a list of the long throw projectors we think to work the best. Also included are details and functions that might interest you.

1. VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector

With a viewing size of 32 inches to 170 inches, you will be able to enjoy your movies on a big screen without any trouble. The distance at which the projector should be placed is from 4.9 to 16.5 feet. This means, no matter how large the venue is, you will be able to set this projector up for movies, presentations, and even for gaming.

Modified and improved cooling system makes sure your projector does not overheat while keeping the fan noise low. You will face no disturbance when it comes to your projector making noise.

Connect your Android or IOS phone to the projector directly with the help of an adapter. Micro USBs or HDMI adapters will be enough to connect any device to the projector. No apps needed.

1920 x 1080 resolution ensures you get crystal clear images no matter how large the screen. This makes the projector quite suitable for movies and gaming.


  • 32-inch to 170-inch viewing size
  • The projector can be placed as far as 16.5 feet away from the viewing screen
  • Improved cooling system
  • Connect to both Android and iOS without apps
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution makes this the perfect projector for gaming


  • Does not include battery; needs to be plugged in for use

2. Projector, GooDee 2020 Upgrade HD Video Projector

Tired of dull projector screens? The GooDee 2020 upgraded projector comes with a new and improved design, which gives you an 80% brighter screen. Enjoy colorful screens with vivid details.

A 3000:1 contrast ratio makes this the ideal projector to get for outdoor activities. Even in dim lightings such as a backyard or a garage, this projector ensures you get the best image quality possible.

The device supports 1080P resolution, so you won’t miss any detail. Along with high resolution, this device also comes with an improved cooling system that extends bulb life, reduces noise, and prevents overheating.

Watch movies on screens as big as 230 inches with an aspect ratio of 16:9/4:3. Although the optimal screen size is 98 inches at a distance of 10 feet from the screen, you can change this from 4.9 to 18 feet.


  • 2 HDMI, 2 USB, AV, and VGA ports included
  • The screen can be as big as 230 inches
  • 3000:1 contrast ratio makes this ideal for outdoor events
  • 80% brighter images with vivid color
  • Supports 1080P resolution


  • Lens gets dirty quite easily

3. Mini Projector, CiBest Video Projector 4200 lux with 50,000 hrs Long Life LED Portable Home Theater Projector

If you find yourself needing small in size projectors for traveling or destination events, this is the one to get. Available at a compact size, this projector can fit in any bag to carry around.

The cooling system also works great and is silent. Built-in speakers provide great sound quality; you can watch movies without additional speakers. But if you wish, connection with home theatre systems is also available.

You can also connect the device with laptops, TV, gaming consoles, mobile phones, tabs, and any other device. Viewing screen can be as big as 200 inches and as small as 30 inches. Compared to other mini projectors, this one is 80% brighter. Such qualities and price rate does make this the best budget long throw projector.

When it comes to image quality, you view images and videos at 1080P with a 2000:1 contrast ratio. Thus you see life-like images in bright colors.


  • Small in size; easy to travel with
  • Can be connected to any phone, TV, tab or computer
  • Great quality built-in speaker
  • 80% brighter images in 1080P and 2000:1 contrast ratio
  • Most affordable option


  • Images sometimes get out of focus

4. VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector

Known as one of the most durable long throw projectors in the market, this one will last more than 10 years with daily use of 2 to 3 hours. The LED lamp will give you more than 50,000 hours of service. You won’t notice any changes in picture quality or sound at this time.

You get two HDMI ports to connect the device of your choice. The audio quality is also decent, but if you want better, there is the option of connecting speakers. SD cards and any USB device can also be connected.

A contrast ratio of 5000:1 ensures that images are bright and visible even in dim light. Display of 300 inches makes this ideal for presentations, gaming, or watching movies at home.


  • Long-lasting LED lamp that gives you more than 50,000 hours of service
  • Most durable
  • Great for everyday use
  • 2500 lumens
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution, 5000:1 contrast ratio
  • 300-inch screen compatibility


  • Hard to control and operate

5. CRENOVA XPE496 Mini Projector

Mini projectors hardly work as well as this one. With a 50,000-hour lamp life, you can use this device for regular events. The projector will last you a long time and can be used continuously for long hours. A 50% quieter cooling fan makes sure no harm is done to the device with such regular use.

The small and compact size also makes this easy to travel with. Carry the projector to any event, a friend’s house, or your office. Connect the projector with any computer or phone with the help of HDMI, MHL, SD, or USB connections.

Brightness and lumens have been increased by 80% for better picture quality. No matter how dark the environment is, you will get a high-resolution picture. New square pixel technology gives you a very real theatre-like experience. For big-screen entertainment, view images at 1080 resolution.


  • 50,000-hour lamp life
  • 50% quieter
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Lumens and brightness increased by 80%
  • Supports HDMI, MHL, SD and USB connection
  • New square pixel technology gives theatre-like experience at home


  • Not the best for outdoor events

What Is a Long Throw Projector?

Long-throw projectors are capable of displaying larger images than short-throw ones. They can produce better image quality and can also give you a home theatre feel. If you own a large house, host outdoor parties, or like a larger screen, this will be the best option for you.

You set this projector up at a distance from your screen and get large images with good resolution. Even when displayed on an uneven screen, long-throw projectors ensure there is no distortion.

These projectors are a must-have for watching movies at home, displaying images in an event or kind of venue for a party, and outdoor displays.

What’s the Difference between Short Throw and Long Throw Projectors?

The main difference in the long throw and short throw projectors is how far you set the projector from the screen.

Short throw projectors can be set up from 3 to 6 feet from the screen. You get a decent sized image on the screen. These can be used in small schools or offices where space is limited.

A long throw projector, on the other hand, should be placed at a further distance. The image or video can be displayed on a larger screen making your movie experience even better. Long-throw projectors are usually used for movies, gaming, and larger venues.

What to Look for before Buying

While selecting a good quality long-throw projector, there are some features that you need to give special attention to. These functions are what make a long throw projector worth the purchase.

  • Resolution

Projectors tend to reduce the resolution of movies or images that you intend to display. As the images are expanded, many images seem to look cracked and distorted. A projector that has a high resolution will have more dots and pixels, allowing the device to broadcast videos in higher quality.

The higher the resolution, the higher the price. So if you want a long throw projector for office work to display mostly texts and PowerPoint slides, you can go with a projector with a mediocre resolution. But if you plan on watching movies and want to use the projector for gaming, you need a high-resolution display.

  • Wired or Wireless?

Going for wireless projectors will be the smarter move, this way you can connect the tool with any PC, mobile, or tab you want instantly. The exclusion or reduction of wires makes this tool more mobile.

You can settle for a wires projector if you are certain that the projector won’t be needed to move.

  • Ease of Use

Projectors are often taken from one place to the other. So when you are taking your long throw projector to your friend’s house for a party, you want to be able to set up and get the projector going quickly. All instructions, set up procedures, and commands should be simple.

  • Throw Distance

When you’re buying a long throw projector, distance is obviously what you should care about the most. The further the projector can be placed from the screen without images cracking, the better. You should be able to see clear images in at least 6 feet distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions that customers often ask have been answered for you to understand the device better.

  1. How far should a projector be from a 120-inch screen?

From a screen that size, the projector should be placed at least 147 to 160 inches away. This way, you get clear pictures, and the screen is filled.

  1. How far should I put my projector from the screen?

This will depend on your screen size. You can alter the device location, depending on this. For an 80 inch screen, the projector needs to be placed 97 to 106 inches away from the screen. Use this as a radio guide.

  1. How many lumens should a good projector have?

A good quality projector should have at least 2500lumens.

  1. Does the projector need to be centered?

Some projectors allow offset installation, but typically, you will have to align the projector with the center of your screen.

  1. Can you shorten the throw distance?

If you find yourself in a smaller space, you can buy a new lens and alter the projector. You will need to do some mounting for this.

Final Words

This tool is a great accessory to have for many occasions, a purchase you surely won’t regret. Use this guide to buy yourself the best long throw projector and enjoy gaming and movies on a larger screen. Bigger the screen size, more the fun!

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