Best Nursing Shoes For Flat Feet

Nurses are constantly on their feet and it is important that they are using footwear that can give comfort for long hours of shifts. There are many pairs of shoes in the market that you can choose from as there are many nursing shoes available for flat feet. However, some shoes may be inexpensive but not supportive and not even attractive.

What to Look for when Choosing the Best Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat feet need more support and before you choose the perfect pair for you, it is important to determine the correct support that you need. Here are some things that you will have to consider:

  • If the shoes bend where the toes are, it means that the shoes are supportive enough. However, if it bends in the middle, then it is not the right support that you need. The middle part of flat feet people needs more support so it should not bed in that area.
  • Are you able to curl and toque the shoes? Select the pair of shoes that are hard to move. These shoes will give you more support for your feet which can also benefit your joints, knees and back.
  • Is the heel area firm? It is important for flat feet people to have excellent heel support. Of course, you do not want your ankles to hurt, right?
    The firmer and stiffer the shoes are, the more support it can give to your feet. This will also help you prevent injury in the long run because it is more stable for the feet and legs. You may be thinking, “Why should I buy stiff shoes? Won’t it be very uncomfortable?”

Today, shoes are always designed with more paddings and comfy materials so your feet would not really feel like they are being prisoned in a steel box. It is a usual misconception that more support is equivalent to less comfort. But for people with flat feet, it can actually make you feel more comfortable especially when your feet get the arch support they need.

Editor’s Recommendation: Top 5 Best Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet

Comfortable Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet

Nurses have one of the toughest jobs. Together with their hectic shifts, they have long hours and constant pressure on their feet. They spend full day on feet which can affect their posture and most are experiencing lower back pain.

It is important for all nurses to use well-fitting shoes. Nurses who have low arches or also called flat feet can benefit a lot from well-fitting nursing shoes. Getting the right nursing shoes for your flat feet may require you to shop around. It may take you a bit longer but it can be easier if you know exactly what to look for.

According to podiatrists, people with flat feet should talk to shoe salesperson and have their feet measured accurately. This is better than randomly getting shoes from your favorite department store. Be cautious also of sales talk and try different types of shoes from other brands.

  • Support – People who have flat feet need more support than others. You should not wear shoes that do not offer any support such as high heels, sandals and flip-flops as these do not provide your arches any lift. Make sure that when you wear the shoes, it’s only bending a little bit in the toe area and not in the middle. Otherwise, it is not the right nursing shoes for you. When checking for shoes, look for “added support” which means they are designed to do what normal arches do.
  • Firm Outer Sole – It is very important for people with flat feet to have stiff outer soles. This can prevent your feet to roll inward. Strong outer soles are excellent to withstand long hours of shifts every day and do not easily break down.
  • Stability – Flat feet people tend to pronate or turn their ankle inward when running or walking. This leads to stress on your ankles, knees and feet and may cause different injuries. Normal arches are able to keep straight landing on foot. However, without proper arch, stability shoes are able to help greatly Most people with flat feet can find comfort with stability footwear. These shoes include extra material in the midsole to support your arch and prevent possible injuries. More cushioning are also included to make it easy to wear. Aside from those benefits, the heel area of the shoes can resist pressure whenever you push on it.
  • Motion Control Shoes – To be able to move rapidly and smoothly, motion control shoes are important for nurses. These shoes are step above stability and have additional support to keep ankles straight when running or walking. The major technology in motion control shoes is a medial post of dual density foam. There is a firmer compound of foam included below the medial side of arch which may also extend to the heel.

Take a look at our most popular recommendations:

Top 5 Best Nursing Shoes for Flat Feet List

1. Alegria Women’s Dayna Feet Nursing Shoes

Alegria Women’s Dayna Feet comes in different patterns and solid colors. It is great for professional nurses who also want to show off their nursing abilities while spending long hours on their feet. These shoes have soft leather upper made of premium stain-resistant material. It is easy to clean these shoes and also durable. It has removable, leather-covered cork, latex, memory foam cushioned footbed and great arch support.

PROs of this product:

  • Durable – These shoes are not only easy to clean but also durable which allows you to spend longer periods on your feet without the shoes wearing off.
  • Comfortable – It has adjustable strap with a hook and loop for additional comfort and support.
  • Excellent heel support – These shoes are nicely designed with quality materials and also stylish. It gives heel support with a lot of room for your toes.

CONs of this product:

  • Hard to get the right size – The sizes can be too big or too small but most customers had to order half a size bigger.
  • Closure problem on straps and may be hard to close it when wearing very thick socks during winter.

2. Dansko Women’s Pro XP Clog Nursing Shoes

These shoes are designed to give arch support. The block heel and platform can aid in aligning the back properly to improve nurses’ posture. It comes in many solid and cool patterns and very light to wear. It is also excellent for preventing slips and its leather design increases its durability. Dansko Women’s Pro XP clog can help in alleviating pain associated with flat feet.

PROs of this product:

  • Comfortable – These shoes are comfortable to wear which can help nurses to decrease the amount of pressure on their feet.
  • Arch support – It has excellent arch support that can help in aligning the back to improve posture.
  • Slip-resistant – These shoes are also excellent to use when walking in smooth or slippery surfaces.
  • Alleviates pain associated with flat feet – These shoes can ease the pain by providing stability.
  • Roomy toe area – These shoes provide more room in the toe area which can let your toe relax.

CONs of this product:

  1. Not easy to get the right size – Many customers had to buy half a size to enjoy these particular shoes for flat feet.
  2. Not for feet with bunions. These shoes are great for skinny feet.

3. Landau Comfort Shoes 

These cute shoes are available in four solid colors and ideal not only for women but also for men with low arches or flat feet. It is made with rubber and the clog has higher heel to reduce pressure on the back. The insides of Landau comfort shoes are lined with moisture wicking sock liner which helps in keeping the feet dry and minimize odor. The shoes also have additional cushion and support.

PROs of this product:

  • Comfortable shoes – It includes an EVA footbed and gives additional cushion for more comfortable experience.
  • Slip-resistant – These shoes are designed for different work surfaces which allow nurses to walk or run without slipping.
  • Support – Landau comfort shoes provide great support that flat feet people need.
  • Reduce moisture – These shoes have moisture wicking sock liner that can keep your feet dry which also prevent odor.
  • High Heel – The shoes are designed with higher heel to reduce back pain.

CONs of this product:

  • Hard to clean the white pair – Stains on white pair shoes may be hard to get rid.
  • Squeaky sounds – It can produce squeaky sounds on smooth surfaces.
  • Can be hard to get the right size. Customers had to buy half a size bigger than their normal sizes.

4. Sanita Women’s Professional Teagan Mule 

These shoes are one of the best nursing shoes for flat feet. These shoes come in different solid and pattern colors which can make nurses excited to wear this every day. Sanita Women’s Professional Teagan Mule provides excellent arch support as well as stability which are what nurses with flat feet need. According to American Podiatric Medical Association, these shoes also promote healthy food. It also has slip-resistant, breathable leather and antibacterial features.

PROs of this product:

  • Promotes healthy foot health – These shoes are accepted by American Podiatric Medical Association as shoes that can promote healthy foot health. Its footbed molds according to your feet.
  • Stabilizing heel cap – This feature allows users to slide their feet in and out of the shoe easily.
  • Slip-resistant – Prevents users from slipping on slippery and wet surfaces which allow them to work efficiently.
  • Right sizes and comfortable – It’s easy to get the right size and very comfortable.
  • Durable – It is designed with leather lining to make the shoes last long.
  • Fashionable – These shoes are cute and eye-catching.

CONs of this product:

  • A little bit harder to clean but not many customers are complaining about it since the shoes are very comfortable to wear.

5. Nurse Mates – Womens – Telma

These shoes are solid white classic nursing shoes that are beneficial for people having a hard time with their flat feet. It offers great flexibility and the shoes are also made from soft leather upper that is easy to wash. It has adjustable strap which can be loosened or tightened with a hook and loop which can provide additional stability and comfort. It also includes a pillowtop comfort footbed to ease the pain.

PROs of this product:

  • Flexible – It has adjustable cross strap that contours your every step.
  • Durable – Aside from being stylish, it has molded rubber outsole which prevents the shoes from wearing off.
  • Slip- resistant – One feature of shoes that all nurses need is slip-resistant in order for you to walk and run around even in slippery surfaces.
    It has padded collar for additional comfort and pillowtop for comfortable footbed.
  • Alleviates pain associated with flat feet – Its pillowtop comfort footbed can help in alleviating any problems associated with flat feet.

CONs of this product:

  • Squeaky noise – It makes a little bit of squeak when walking.
  • Narrow toe area – It can rub the feet on heel and toe area. These shoes are recommended for thin feet.
  • conclusion: Nurses spend a lot of time on their feet every day so it is important for nurses to use excellent footwear. It does not have to be expensive. What’s important is that the shoes that you will choose provide all the features that your feet need. Nurses who are struggling from flat feet or low arches can be benefited a lot by wearing the right pair of shoes. The best nursing shoes for flat feet can help in alleviating health concerns associated with flat feet.The right shoes can also make your feel more cushioned as it gives additional stability. The right pair must be able to improve your motion control for you to be able to work efficiently without any pressure and pain. It should provide excellent grip on smooth or wet surfaces and has to be sturdy enough to protect your feet. Before you make a purchase, do not forget to do a little bit of research and check reviews from previous customers.


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