best shoes for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis

Best Shoes for Heel Spurs Review

Are you wearing the right shoes for you?There are many people who are suffering from different kinds of feet problems such as arch problem, plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. If you are experiencing pain in the heel area, it is important to check the best shoes for heel spurs to prevent the problem from getting worse.

What are Heel Spurs? 

A heel spur is deposited calcium that causes bony protrusion at the bottom part of the heel. This bone outgrowth can be visible with an X-ray. A heel spur can be one-half inch which causes extreme pain in the heel area. Heel spurs are also associated with plantar fasciitis which is the most common cause of heel pain.

There are many treatments available for heel spurs such as stretching exercises for heel spurs, medications to eliminate pain such as ibuprofen (Advil), acetaminophen (Tylenol) or naproxen (Aleve), custom-made shoes or best shoes for heel spurs and also cortisone injections.

However, a surgery may be required if all treatments do not work. The surgery techniques are removing the heel spur or releasing the plantar fascia.

Causes of Heel Spurs

Heel spurs develop over a long period of time. It occurs when calcium started to build up at the bottom of the heel area. Heel spurs developed by frequent strains of the muscles, regular tearing of the membrane that protects the heel bone, extending the plantar fascia and more.

This problem is often experienced by athletes especially those who have running activities. However, it is also possible to develop heel spurs even for non-athletes. Here are the other causes of heel spurs:

  • Weight gain or obesity
  • Wearing shoes without support or tight shoes
  • Running on hard surfaces
  • Improper way of walking that puts additional weight on the heel area
  • High sugar level or diabetes
  • Aging which leads to inflexible plantar fascia and thinner protective fat pad of the heel
  • Spending long hours on feet
  • Having flat or high arches
  • Regular short bursts of running activities

Heel spurs do not usually have symptoms but it can lead to severe pain around the heel area when walking, running or jogging. The pain only occurs once the spurs are formed. Heel spurs are not painful. However, it causes tissues injury around the heel area which leads to discomfort and severe pain.

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Shoe Features for Heel Spurs

Heel spurs can be prevented by wearing the right shoes. If you are already suffering from heel spurs, it is best to use shoes that are designed specifically for heel pain. The features included in best shoes for heel spurs are:

  • Great arch support – When choosing the right shoes for you, it is essential to consider the arch support. Some people who develop heel spurs have low or high arches and they need more support for the arches. There are many shoes available in the market offering great arch support.
  • If you have visited Podiatrists, they have probably recommended using different footwear that offers great or good arch support. Shoes with arch support also provide motion control which promotes correct walking motion. It also supports your fascia ligament.
  • Proper cushion and shock-absorbent soles – It is important to consider proper cushioning in order to keep your feet comfortable in any types of surfaces. Shoes must be able to absorb shock as well to keep your feet from acquiring high amount of stress.
  • Stability or supportive heel counters – Many shoes available in the market offer stability feature which stabilizes the rear area of the feet. This feature prevents hurting the arch and heel area.
  • Removable Insoles – There are many shoes with removable insoles that allow you to adjust the insole according to your feet’s needs.
  • Comfortable – Wearing uncomfortable footwear can affect your concentration. It can also prevent you from making the most out of your day. Make sure that the shoes are comfortable for walking, running or jogging.

If you are an athlete and you are suffering from heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, make sure that you give your feet enough time to rest and alleviate the pain. The effect of running can make your condition worse and stop the healing process of the muscle tissues. You also need to invest in best shoes for heel spurs in order to ease the pain and check twice if the shoes provide extra support and cushion around the heel area.

Since heel spurs often result from foot inflammation, it is very important to decrease the strain on your foot. Avoid using worn-out shoes especially ones that are not design for running. Do not use shoes without enough support. A padded heel insert can also help to ease the pain caused by heel spur. Here is a video on how to treat heel spurs.

Top 5 Best Shoes for Heel Spurs

To alleviate the pain caused by heel spurs, it is important to select the right shoes for your needs. To help you look for the right shoes, we have selected the top 5 best shoes for heel spurs.

1. New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training Shoes

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This pair of shoes offer great support as well as gait guidance while doing your training. If you have developed heel spurs, you also need to perform exercises to treat the problem. Having training shoes designed for heel spurs can make your exercises easier as it can alleviate the pain. It is best to avoid activities that require running to increase your healing process.

These shoes are made of fabric and synthetic. The shaft measures around two inches from the arch while the heel measures around 1.75 inches. This shoe offers supportive feature and shock-absorbent feature.

PROS of this product:

Good support – This shoes offer good arch and heel support which is one of the most important features when searching for the best shoes for heel spurs.
Great for athletes – Athletes are able to continue their outdoor activities without experiencing severe pain. These shoes are able to lessen the pain because of the comfortable insoles that come with it.
Comfortable – Most customers have reported that the shoes are very comfortable and easy to wear. People with planter fasciitis also found relief with these shoes.

CONs of this product:

Some customers mentioned that getting the right size can be difficult as they had to order a size bigger than their current size.
Many reviewers mentioned that the shoes can fall apart after three months of usage. According to them, it is best to have another pair of shoes to prevent this from happening.

2. Skechers Sports ShapeUps XT

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Another great pair of shoes for heel spurs and plantar fasciitis is Skechers Sports Shape Ups XT. The shoe is made up of leather and synthetic materials. It also provides extra comfort to ensure your great walking or running experience. The midsole provide additional cushions to support the arches of the feet especially for people suffering from heel spurs and planter fasciitis.

PROs of this product:

Comfortable – The shoes have memory foam insole gives additional comfort when walking, running or jogging. The memory foam also adjusts according to the shape of the feet.

Arch support – It has cushioned midsole for additional arch support. This is great especially for people with planter fasciitis or heel spurs. People who have high or flat arches can also benefit from this pair of shoes.

Eliminates heel pain – Many customers claimed that these shoes can eliminate heel pain as it decreases the amount of pressure on the heel area.

Reduces low back pain – Wearing the wrong type of shoes can lead to other health conditions such as lower back pain. These shoes can reduce the risk of having lower back pain, leg pain, knee pain and heel pain.

Allows you to continue outdoor activities – Outdoor activities such as jogging and running can still be enjoyed with these shoes. It is also great for walking and standing exercises.

CONs of this product:

Some reviewers claimed that the shoes are unstable to walk especially when walking up the stairs. However, most reviewers claim otherwise.

3. New Balance W1540V2 Optimum Control

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The shoes are made up of synthetic. It has rubber outsole for better running and walking experience. It also has breathable mesh upper with synthetic overlays. The footbed is removable which is great for making adjustments on your shoes.

It also comes with plus tongue and dual-density foam collar. These shoes help athletes to continue their activities as the shoes can alleviate the pain from heel spurs. It is also a great choice for people suffering from plantar fasciitis.

PROs of this product:

Comfortable – Many customers love the comfort these shoes provide.
Breathable Shoes – It allows your feet to breathe which prevents moisture or excessive sweating.
Stability feature – It holds the feet firmly to help better stabilization. It is an important feature when looking for the best shoes for heel spurs.
ROLLBAR posting system – This feature makes sure that the rear area of the feet is stable.
Good support – It has good support for overpronation.

4. Vionic Women’s Agile Kea Slip-on

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One of the best shoes for heel spurs is Vionic Addison. The shoes are designed specifically for people suffering from planter fasciitis or heel spurs.
The shoe is made up of leather and it has rubber sole which helps to achieve great walking experience. It also has biochemical orthotic footbed to align the feet and prevent heel pain. The breathable leather lining keeps the feet fresh and prevents moisture.

PROs of this product:

Biochemical orthotic footbed – Its biochemical orthotic footbed aligns the feet while preventing heel pain.
Breathable leather lining – It allows air to enter inside to keep the feet fresh. It also prevents excessive sweating and possible growth of bacteria from moisture.
Slip on – It is very easy to wear and remove. There is no need to tie shoe laces which saves you more time.
Comfortable – Most customers said that Vionic shoes are very comfortable to wear.
Durable rubber outsole – The outsole provides ground-gripping traction.

CONs of this product:

The size can be tricky as the shoes are either too small or too narrow. It is recommended by most customers to order size larger than your current size to enjoy the benefits of the footwear.

5. ASICS GEL-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe – Best shoes for heel spurs

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This pair of shoes is designed specifically for plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. The shoes are made up of rubber sole and one of the best walking shoes for heel spurs.

It is very light and breathable which prevents excessive sweating and keeps the feet fresh. It also offers removable insole so you can customize it according to your preferences.

PROs of this product:

Comfortable – According to most customers, this pair of shoes is very comfortable to wear which is one of the most important things when buying the right shoes.
Removable Insole – This feature allows you to remove or change the insoles according to your needs and preferences.
Good support – Many customers are satisfied with the support these shoes offer.
Breathable feature – For runners or for those who always need to walk all the time, breathable shoes can prevent excessive sweating. This prevents foot odor and other foot issues such as athlete’s foot.
Lightweight – Walking with this pair of shoes is very easy because of its lightweight.

CONs of this product:

Some customers reported that the toe area is too narrow for them and hurt their toes. However, if you have narrow feet or without bunions, it would not be a con for you.
The sizing can be difficult. Many customers recommended getting size larger than your real size.


Feet problems like planter fasciitis and heel spurs can be very difficult especially when not given the proper treatment. We always need to walk or run when going somewhere. Exercises are also important in our daily routine. In order to enjoy the activities and continue healthy exercises.

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