Best Tennis Shoes For Nurses

Best Tennis Shoes For Nurses

Shoes play a significant role not only in your work but also in your life. Having the right pair of shoes can save you from possible pain in the joints, back, knees, legs and feet. Tennis shoes have become a popular choice for nurses who are looking for stronger support, shock absorption and ease.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Tennis Shoes for Nurse

To get the most out of your tennis shoes there are few important things that you have to consider when buying the best tennis shoes for nurse. Here are some tips that can help you make the right decision when it comes to buying the right shoes for you and how to maintain your good health as well.

Identify Your Needs

When you start looking for the best tennis shoes for nurse, it is only right to know your needs and know what those shoes offer not only for your feet but for your health. For instance, good tennis shoes can help you navigate well on smooth, rough and hard surfaces easily and comfortably.

But of course, if there is a need to climb up hills and mountains, hiking shoes are ideal for such activities. Do not try to make your shoes do activities that they are not designed for as you are risking not only your feet but also your health when you do that.

However, if you are working as a flight nurse crew or part of EMT team, you will have to consider the type of grounds and surfaces you will be dealing with. Make sure that the shoes you will choose can work properly with that kind of setting.

Know Your Foot Size

Before choosing the best tennis shoes for nurse, it is important to measure your feet in advance. This is because your size can change over time. The structure and sizes of the bones in your feet may change which will only confuse you when getting the right size. If you have other shoes that perfectly fit, you can use those as samples when getting new ones. You can also consider using tool for foot measurement to know your right size.

Determine Your Foot Arch

Knowing your feet well can save you a lot of troubles and pain in the future as different arches react differently to certain shoes based on the arch support and design. It is important to check carefully whether you have normal arches, arched feet or flat feet. Even if you like a certain shoe but the arch support does not make you feel comfortable, it is better to check other shoes that are matched to your feet to avoid possible joint and back pains.

Always Choose Function over Design

Designs can be the last thing that you have to consider. If you are having a hard time deciding between two great shoes based on their looks or function, always choose the one that can benefit your feet more as you will be having long shifts, long standing time and long hours of walking around.

Although it is nice to have cool design, always remember that support and comfort always win against looks when it comes to best tennis shoes for nurse. Save yourself from possible body pain and it will be worth it!

Purchased Based on Quality

Buying tennis shoes based on quality and not price means that you are choosing the one that gives you more benefits for your specific needs. Lease expensive shoes may save you a couple of bucks but that does not mean it can also save you from possible joint pains, knees, legs and back pain! Always remember not to sacrifice the quality of the product especially if it can offer you more than you actually needed.

Consider Having Two Pairs of Shoes

Having another pair of shoes can also save you from breaking your favorite shoe! Not just that, it is also important that you change shoes to allow your feet to be more comfortable while you are working.

Most nurses have two pairs of nursing shoes for different purposes. You can have a different pair for sitting at a des which is more comfortable. You can have another pair when you need to run around your working area. This can also reduce the stress on your feet which is important for your health.

If you still haven’t decided about investing for extra pair, it is a great time to ponder your activities throughout the day and determine if an extra pair will give you more comfort in the long run!

Top 5 Best Tennis Shoes for Nurse

1. New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training Shoe

New balance is popular for its high quality walking. It is made with synthetic materials and textiles with ABZORB heel. Its internal shank promotes comfort and stability and it offers shock-absorbing feature. The heal measures approximately 1.75” while the shaft measures approximately 2” from arch. There are different colors available such as white, black and navy. It is great to use not only in healthcare facility but also when playing athletic sports.

PROs of this product:

Comfortable to use – Many customers are happy to use this pair because of the comfort it offers. This is important especially for long hours of shift as it reduces the pressure on the feet.
Shock-absorption – One feature that is needed when buying the best tennis shoes for nurse is shock-absorption. There are different kinds of surfaces not only in healthcare facility but also outside in field works. This feature allows the feet to stay comfortable in any type of surfaces.
Great support – This pro allows the legs, back and knees to align together in order to remain standing or walking in a good position. Great support eases the pressure on the said areas.

CONs of this product:

Squeaky sound – It can be a bit squeaky when walking on certain surfaces. It still depends on the surface and some customers do not mind the sounds and not a con for them.
Too wide – Some customers find it too wide but overall they said that its comfortable which is more important.

2. K-SWISS Women’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

Women’s Grancourt II tennis shoe weighs in at a light 11 ounces (size 8) which is perfect for walking and running around. It has a rubber sole which is great for good grip. There is a padded tongue included and a collar for additional comfort. It comes with white color which is the most common color that nurses are looking for. Its atheistic build is also great for using it in tennis court during days off.

PROs of this product:

Comfortable shoes – Many customers praised these shoes for being really comfortable. This is important especially when you need to walk, stand and run around not only in health facility but out in the field.
Offers great support – One of the features that have to be considered when buying the best tennis shoes for nurse. Great support does not only benefit your feet but also your overall health.
Competitive tennis – These shoes are designed for tennis where traction on hard surfaces and grip is needed.
Keep Pain from Plantar Fasciitis – The cushioning in the heel absorbs the impact of every step.

CONs of this product:

Somewhat wide – The design of the shoes is wide but if you do not mind that then it can be not a con for you.
Squeaking sound –This may be a bit annoying but it depends on the surface. Some customers complained the squeaky sound but many are still saying how great the shoes are!

3. Keds Women’s Spirit Leather – Best Tennis Shoes for Nurses

This sneaker holds up well to long hours of walking which can fit the needs of the nurses. It is built with MicroStretch technology which fits comfortably around the feet. The footbed and collar are both padded to give additional comfort for the nurses especially during their long shifts. It also has rubber sole which promotes better flexibility. The shoe comes in stone, black and white colors.

PROs of this product:

Soft leather and stretchable – It is important that the shoes are comfortable which is offered by Keds Women’s Spirit Leather with its soft leather
Light Weight – For faster movements, this is definitely a plus! This allows nurses to walk around freely and faster.
Great width – Many customers are happy with the width which can make the feet comfortable without the feeling of tightness

CONs of this product:

Cushioning and arch support are lacking – According to some reviewers, walking with the shoe without adding insoles made them feet sore. However, many are still comfortable with the shoes.
It is not slip resistant which is not great for wet floors.
Getting the right size can be difficult. Some customers say that they had to order size that is a bit larger than their current size.

4. ASICS Women’s Gel-Game Point Tennis Shoe

This tennis shoe is designed with leather and synthetic materials. It also has a solid rubber out-sole. The shoe is also designed with Rearfoot GEL cushioning system which can help in absorbing shock whenever you step on rough or hard surfaces such as tennis court. It is available in silver, white and combination.

PROs of this product:

Rearfoot GEL cushioning system – This feature absorbs shock which can protect your feet from rough or hard surfaces.
Comfortable – These shoes are comfortable to wear which is one of the important factors when buying tennis shoes for nurse. Foam-padded collar and tongue gives comfortable feeling.
Forefoot flex grooves – Offers the right flexibility needed whether in court or in work area.

CONs of this product:

Not easy to get the right size – You may need to buy half size or up in order to enjoy the comfortable shoes. Some customers who did not get the size right complained that the shoes are too tight, had to return and get half a size bigger.

5. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe

These shoes are simple and without laces which make it easier to wear on and off. It offers flex comfort outsole and features Resalyte cushioning in a slip on construction for durability and comfort. It comes with many colors as well as white and black for nurses that prefer solid color.

PROs of this product:

Comfortable shoes – It is important to have comfortable shoes. This allows you to do your task without feeling stress and pressure. The shoes are also light.
Slip-on feature – You can remove the hassle of putting the laces on and off. This allows you to wear it easily.
Great for people with plantar fasciitis – These shoes can help people deal with plantar fasciitis.
High arch support – These shoes are also designed for people with high arch which can keep their feet relax without the feeling of tightness.
CONs of this product:

·Wears off quickly – The sole is very light which wears down quickly after wearing three months straight without using other pair of shoes.
You may need to get size a half bigger in order to enjoy the comfortable shoes.
Cannot be used as actively as other shoes but excellent for walking and running around.

Foot Specialist or Podiatrist

If you are having a hard time looking for the right shoes for you or you have foot pain or back pain, you can also consider going to a foot specialist who can help you determine the issues and get the right shoes for you. If you have other issues related to your lower body or back, it is best to see a podiatrist right away in order to prevent worsening your condition.

Replace Old Shoes When Necessary

Some shoes have sentimental value to us or we just simply like them very much. However, nurses have to spend long hours standing, walking and running around. Even if you are strongly attached to your shoes, it is important to replace them if they are not giving you the benefits anymore. If your shoes are already worn out, it can break and you can risk your health. Just buy the same shoes as your favorite one! But of course, it’s also good to have change of looks from time to time.

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