Best Dress Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis- Reviews 2019

Sometimes you feel painful in your feet after waking up, be careful, it may be the symptom of plantar fasciitis. Please visit your doctor to check immediately. In this article, we will tell you something about the plantar fasciitis, its symptom, the treatment, and we will recommend some best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis also, which will be helpful through the treatment process.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a pathology, with the symptoms like: feel pain in the bottom of the foot, or in the heel. The pain will become severe especially after waking up or after a long period of rest, and it will increase when you try to bending up your foot.

The cause of that symptoms is the disorder of the plantar fascia. This is a fascia in the bottom of your foot, its function is a padding, to protect the bone of the foot from the heavy of our body. And it help us step smoothly. But sometimes, we harm our fascia accidentally, example, standing for a long time, overwhelming exercises, our loosing control of our weight and become obesity. One more reason is, wearing the wrong size of shoes. If your shoes are too tight or too wide, they both affect on the movement of your foot. Your movement will not be natural and it will stretch the muscles of your feet. All of that reasons will cause the micro tears on your fascia, and create the small scar on it, and they harm the collagen of the fascia also. And that is the reasons of the pain you have to suffer.

Editor Choice Top 5 Dress Shoes

Choosing dress shoes for plantar fasciitis

As mentioned, plantar fasciitis cause pain in the foot, therefore it is hard to find a suitable pair of shoes for the patient. Inappropriate shoes could make the condition become worse. Fortunately, with the improvement of science nowadays, there are so many kinds of special dress shoes for plantar fasciitis patient. And in this article we will recommend some ways to find a good dress shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Go shopping in the evening to find a suitable pair of shoes. In the evening, your feet will become bigger than other times in a day. The reason is after a long day, standing, working in your workplace, your foot bear the weight of your body, and its muscles and bones was stretched, so the size of your foot will be increased. Therefore this is the best time in a day to choose a suitable pair of shoes. Remember to choose a pair of shoes that you feel totally comfortable with it, and make sure that there is enough space between your toes and the shoes.

Do not use the high heel shoes. Because this design will cause unnatural condition of your feet, and this is the reason why the muscles of your feet was stretched and make the plantar fasciitis become worse.

The shoes without heels or too flat is also a problem. Because one of the function of the heels is absorb the force, cause by the weight of our body. So wearing a pair of shoes without heels could harm our plantar fascia also.

Choose a pair of shoes with the high of its heels is at least one inch. And the material of the heels is rubber, because this is the best absorbing material. It will help to protect your feet. Or you could ask the seller for more advices.

Check the flexibility of the shoes carefully, and choose a pair of shoes that you can bend it easily. It is very important, because a flexible shoes will make your feet feel comfortable and will not cause pressure on your feet.

Finally, please remember that a good pair of shoes is very important to the treatment process of plantar fasciitis. Because you will wear it all day long, and with a suitable pair of shoes, you may reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis significantly, or even do not feet it. A good pair of shoes will protect your plantar fascia well, to avoid the upcoming injury, and it will help the treatment process a lot.

Some good dress shoes for plantar fasciitis

As we mention above, choosing a good pair of shoes is very important for plantar fasciitis people. It may take a long time to search the information of the shoes, and compare a lot of shoes with each other. So in this article, we will help to make your life become easier by giving you the introductions about the shoes of some good brands that we have experienced.

Top 10 Best Dress Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis Men and Women


1. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Turner Black

The Vionic Turner is a sporty men’s athletic walking shoe with breathable mesh upper and resilient rubber sole. This is an elegant shoes with royal design, such as premium leather outside, sock liner was made by leather, a nice padded collar, and a rubber sole looks like it was made by leather.

This pair of shoes is suitable with plantar fasciitis because this kind of shoes is integrated a shock-absorbing inside to help protect your feet from pain and injury. And it also has a big-toe function, which one will support your movement when you are walking.

The other highlights of this model are the top pads, they will reduce the friction on your feet. And the orthotic was made by leather to keep your feet dry and clean all day long.

2. Orthofeet Gramercy Mens Dress Cordovan Leather

This is a leather pair of shoes with scientific design to support plantar fasciitis tremendously. Its orthotic with an anatomical arch design, and its heel-seat has a pad with gel inside, all of them will support your feet and reduce your pain significantly.

The light rubber sole of it will reduce the weight that your legs have to bear, and its lining was designed with an extra foam to remove the pressure on our feet, and it will eliminate the friction with our skin also.

The soft upper design will help to reduce the pressure, and one more special thing is the adjustable fit of it, the shoes have two sizes of spacer (1/16 inch and 1/8 inch), and we can remove them to adjust the most suitable size for our feet.

3. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Eric

A pair of premium leather shoes, with sharp design. Its podiatrist design help to reduce the pain in your feet. And the sophistication design with an elastic, which one was hidden inside the instep will help us wear this shoes easily. This is an important factor with plantar fasciitis, because the pain they have to suffer when wearing shoes is not comfortable anymore.

Furthermore, it has an aids big-toe to support the motion and a rubber sole to absorb the vibration on our feet. So we can see this kind of shoes is quite suitable with plantar fasciitis.


4. Vionic By Orthaheel Women’s Joan Fabric

This model is imported from China. This kind of flat shoes was made of fabric and leather, all of its uppers and liners are handmade. It was decorated with a little buckle to increase the femininity. And this model of shoes has a biomechanical technology, which will keep your feet in a natural sharp, protect them from the pressure of your body weight, and other external forces also.

A light rubber sole is one of the highlight of this pair of shoes and makes it become more suitable with plantar fasciitis.

5. LifeStride Women’s Farrow Wedge Pump

This pair of shoes is imported from China also. But it was made by Faux leather, and its style is very versatile. You can use it in working environment, because the professional design with squared toe, but you can even use it for a picnic outside also, due to the flexibility in its styles.

The highlight of this shoes is the podiatrist design, biomechanical technology, motion controller, full ground contact rubber sole and the removable design, all of them totally support, protect and keep your feet in a perfect condition. With this pair of shoes, the plantar fasciitis patients will not worry about their pain anymore.

6. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Women’s Alda Flat Loafer

Another pair of shoes is imported from China. This model is very attractive with its appearance, include a metal chain and the twinkle material.

This model have the podiatrist design, biomechanical technology, motion controller also.

The highlight of this model is the EVA heel and the rubber sole, they have a heel bumper to absorb the shock and the pressure on your feet. Therefore this pair of shoes will help the plantar fasciitis patients through their treatment process.

Some tips for people who have plantar fasciitis

With people who have plantar fasciitis, the pain is familiar with them. But there are some methods to make your life become easier. Try them to reduce the pain you have to suffer and to support your treatment process.

Ice will help to reduce inflammation and pain. Use an ice bag and put it on your feet 5-10 minutes per time, do it 4 times a day.

Massage your feet after waking up with a cold golf ball. As mentioned, after waking up may be the worst time of day because of the pain you have to suffer. Put a golf ball in your freezer before you go to sleep, and then take it out after you wake up. Sit on your bed, and put the golf ball on the floor, then put your feet on it. Gently press your feet down, and then slowly move your feet, so that the cold golf ball can massage your plantar fascia. And its chill will help to reduce your pain rapidly.

Plantar fasciitis can be cured by using inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen as the direction of your doctor, and restrict moving or standing several days. You should use a splint to fix your foot at night, and a spacer to cover your foot when moving also.

Practice exercise to stretch the muscles of the fascia, hamstring and calf to strengthen them, it will help to improve your treatment process and prevent the future injury.

Inject steroid is one solution to reduce the pain if the other methods cannot help. But please remember do not to abuse it, because it could harm your plantar fascia.

Do not practice hard bearing exercises like weightlifter through your treatment process, try some light activities like swimming instead.

Use a foam ring, you can find it in a drug store, to reduce the shock on your feet, then protect it and decrease your pain.

Visit a physiotherapist, and ask him for advice. He may help you by taping your foot or guide you some massage methods to reduce your pain and improve your treatment.
Plantar fasciitis can be caused by another natural reasons, like the natural construct of the foot bone of each people. Too flat or too curve are also cause much more vibration, and affect badly on the plantar fascia.

Other reason is the ages, when we get older, the endurance of our body will be decreased significantly. Then our plantar fascia will become weaker and easily to be harmed. So do not worry if someday, you find out that you got plantar fasciitis. Just visit your doctor as soon as possible, follow his instructions, and comply with an appropriate activities schedule, then everything will be alright.


Through this article, we can see that plantar fasciitis is an uncomfortable pathology. It causes pain in your feet and affect seriously on your working life, especially with people whose job need to stand for a long time, or need to bear heavy weight. A suitable shoes is very important with people who have plantar fasciitis, and in this article, we have already suggested 6 models of shoes, these are the best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis. Choose one and let them help your life become more comfortable.