Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis – Men, Women – 2019

Plantar fasciitis is known as the most common disorder in the bottom of the heel. If you have faced this disease, your plantar fascia ligaments would be inflamed, and this inflammation causes pain of your heel. The plantar fascia is an important ligament which help you walk or run, and it is taken lot of tear in your daily basis. These ligament works as shock absorbers which support the arch of your foot, and when it takes too much pressure, it could be damaged or torn.

At first, the condition often start with mild pain, and you would feel the pain dramatically after exercise or getting up in the morning. At the morning, you will hardly steps out of the bed because of your painful foot. Plantar fasciitis might become a chronic disease if you don’t have an appropriate treatment. It affects the way you walk which indirectly develops the potential of foot, knee, and back problems, and it also constrains the level of your activity.

The reason which cause Plantar Fasciitis is the arch is under supported or the plantar fascia ligaments is overused because of wearing too flimsy shoes or usually going barefoot. Patients also feel pain in their heel cause when the arch collapse, the plantar fascia muscle stretches and gets tears.

It seems that the people who most likely have this trouble are long distance runners, and those who wear an inappropriate athletic shoe with weak arch support. In additional, people who are on the feet a lot like soldiers also have high potential of acquiring this disease. Walking in long periods of time on hard surfaces, or especially having tight calf muscles are some reasons which could cause the plantar fasciitis. People with high arches or flat feet also at very high risk.

Benefits Of Choosing The Right Running Shoe

It is probably that choosing a good athletic shoe would be the number one solution for preventing plantar fasciitis or other diseases. When running or standing in a long time could raise a high risk to get plantar fasciitis, and if once you get it, your training activities could no longer continuing.

A good running shoes provides the great protection for your feet, heels, ankle, etc. from repeated pressure when you work out. Do you know that every time your foot landing, it have to absorb the amount of pressure which equal 2 to 3 times your body weight? Wearing a good running shoes which have built-in-features allows you have better running experience with almost foot injury free.

Top Men & Women Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis- Updated Reviews

For Men


This model is one of the lightest Kayano with updated cushioning with 2 layers foam inside. The number of overlays on the upper is quite a few but it is placed on purpose for adding comfort. This version has big improvement compared to Kayano older versions. The outer part of the sole has great amount of ASICS’ gel which give a better shock absorption. A special feature of this model is that it have overall gel which can glows in the dark. This is a nice option for gaining attention while running on the street. The Kayano series keeps developing and getting better every year, so this product added more support and weigh lighter. Although its’ price is quite high, you would have a great time when using it. This is the best choice if your budget can take it.


Dramatically improve in design compared to older versions
Good protection for heel striking
Comfort and fit
Great support with proper cushioning
Appropriate for long distance running because this product is quite constant


Price is quite high, not affordable

2. ASICS GT-2000

The next product on this list still comes from ASICS brand which suitable for plantar fasciitis. The GT-2000 is an upgrade of GT-2170 which was one of the most popular running shoe for many years. You would have the comfortable feeling while wearing this shoe because this model uses lot of gel in the heel and forefoot. By using Impact Guidance System, this unit decreases significantly its overall weight while still maintaining the structural integrity. Therefore, it enhances your natural gait while using it as well. You probably see this product is mentioned and recommended by many experts if you have plantar fasciitis issue.


Suitable for variety of foot shapes
Great midsole support and firmer forefoot feeling
Overall high stability


Some people might complain of short laces


The adrenaline GTS 15 is an ideal option for people who want to have a smooth transition or great running experience. Cushioning improvement of this model brings a more secure, comfortable and high stability using experience. The shoe have half smaller size compared to previous version, but it has plenty room for toe box. Besides, almost people who used this shoe review that after long time using, it seems that the shoe still maintains the structural integrity and there is no any cushioning or support reduction signs. If you have plantar fasciitis, then you should consider this one.


Well-balanced together with high stability and good cushioning
Softer transition by updating Segmented Crash Pad
Versatile shoe for variety of purposes


High heel drop for some people

4. New Balance 990v3

The 990 series of New Balance has become an iconic of the brands catalogue for all American. This shoe combines a distinct, angular design with great support and cushioning which bring to you a comfortable feel every steps you go. Releasing the latest product which is 990v3 gave New Balance a huge opportunities for attracting new customers. This shoe have a classic design, a foam midsole is used to absorb shock or vibration for many foot types. Although this unit has some minor issue, it still one of the best running shoe for those who have plantar fasciitis.


Fit to variety of foot types
Multiple width sizes
Suitable for heavier runners cause it has a good push off abilities of accelerating
Very comfy and supportive


Losing stability and integral structural after a long time of using, no matter how well you care for it
When the sole contact with the water, it release a smell of ammonia composites which might affects you heel

5. Saucony Kinvara 3

The product offer a great running experience with good support while it has light weight. Overall this is a great shoe for workouts which fit for many terrain. This shoe look good, smooth running and it already have changed the most fan of the older version to buy a new one.

Shoe redesign could face some issues while almost people are familiar with a particular model. For lot of people who first did not like this new edition of Saucony Kinvara, they have changed their mind when knowing that this version retain the form and function of the previous one.

The result of product sale also have proved the success of this unit while it came to stores. The new edition change the material and construction in a positive way. The outsole became more durable, and the upper material is stand out in the shoe market. But overall running experience still the same. If you do not like changing, don’t be afraid of this new design.


Proper amount of cushioning
Good look and lightweight
Good for athletes or workers
Great running experience
Help to correct stride


The amount of cushioning might wear out quickly after using in a certain period
For Women


We ranked this model as the highest rated women’s running shoe for PL while it offer great foot comfort and durability. This shoe gets maximum support for moderate to over pronators which mean it will bring great support for runner who have PL. Every small details of this Guide model was perfectly researched and crafted. Advanced features, design was being crafted together with the structure of this shoe, and you can expect that running will never be difficult.

The Guide 7 is the updated version of Saucony’s 6 which is widely awarded. The previous version is known as a stability shoe. Guide 7 is a perfect combination of stability, cushioning and flexibility in order to create a daily stability trainer. Several changing have been made from the Guide 6 to make a better product as your ultimate training friend.


Suitable for even long distance running
A lightweight shoe with great stability; it weighs only 283
Proper amount of soft cushioning
Support for over pronators


To some people, color choices is not good enough while some color might be too eccentric


The New Balance Women’s 1540 is an idea solution if you are dealing with knee and ankle pain when working out. You will no longer suffer pain and discomfort when using this product. An optimal comfort and high stability are brought together in order to form a fascinating shoe which is suitable for women.

This is a high quality product of New Balance is made for those people who are seeking for a high level of stability of running shoe. This product provides great comfort and control while it has good cushioning feature which ensure your running experience get better every day. You will never feel pain while using this shoe for running or work out. Let’s put on your shoes and running on the streets to experience your best motion control, and you will surprisingly pleasant every moment that you wearing this New Balance model.


Exceptional comfort to make sure you could run on various terrains without getting blisters
Good cushioning, shock during running would be well absorbed
High durability
Good traction, it hold ground quite well while running


Heavier than some running shoes which available on the market
A half size smaller


The main things that the Brooks Addiction brand compromise to the users are stability and support. If you are over pronator, then this shoe is made for you. With the combination of the Hydro Flow technology and the adaptive cushioning would provide you a firm support during running. The upper also has an asymmetrical design that also adds support. This unit has wide toe box and breathable upper that comfort your foot every times wearing it. This will eliminate any unwanted foot injury, so you would feel more enjoyable while riding or running.
The shoe is one of the top choice for runners who looking for a stability shoe, and it provide a safe way to control motion while showing better on tracks. You will notice that this shoe brings in a comfortable feel while it the midsole and the mid foot are emphasis by MOGO technology. In particular, there will be less cushioning on the heel and forefoot, and more on the midsole, and it will give you a better support to make your motion safe and sound all the long distance.


Comfortable feeling while wearing this shoe as a motion control are made for sever pronators.
High level of stability
Better smoother transition that reduces the potential of any foot problems, and enhancing your running speed as well
High durability while the shoe could last after long runs without any wearing out
Eco-friendly shoe while the green technology is used in this model


Little bit heavier than other running shoes (this shoe weigh approximately 380 grams)

9. ASICS GEL-Nimbus 15

This shoe offer great experience of softness and comfort for runners, but it’s still efficiency on every distances. This model comes with exceptional cushioning and protection with several features being updated. By using GEL cushioning system, this shoe is totally comfortable. There are a lot of soft cushioning in the forefoot, and forefoot strikers will take advantages from these cushioning. This shoe is a great option for neutral runners who just want a comfortable running while its’ level of stability is quite low.

This shoe features FluidRide technology which makes more responsive and energy for runners. As this model comes with lightweight package offers a good performance that you could use for any routines or activities. With this model, Asics emphasizes the gender identification and specification through the Gender specific cushioning. They provided a little bit cushioning for women’s version than men’s because women are more likely to need less cushioning.


Plenty of soft cushioning
Great flexibility


A big, heavy shoe which may affect performing
Price is quite high compared to other shoes which have same features


The Asics Gel Exalt is one running shoes which came from Asics line for neutral runners. This shoe has built-in design that provide great comfort, right fit, and high level of stability. Therefore, this product is highly recommended for plantar fasciitis. Many users find this shoe would be an ideal solution for their arches issues while this shoe feature trussitic system which keep the structural integrity. Dumas technology also supports runners in order to have a smooth transition while using this shoe. Neutral users or people who are over pronators would probably find this running shoe is a perfect product for their running activities.


Affordable price compared to other products in the market
Good comfortable and great cushioning for plantar fasciitis


Heavy weight which might affect the running performance

Types Of Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis

Many athletes and active people experience heel or foot pain from wearing the wrong type of shoes. An inappropriate shoe type do not provide enough support to the arch of your fee which might cause collapsing of you arch. In particularly, for people who have plantar fasciitis, those who are more likely to over pronate, this should be more seriously considered. Therefore, a better quality shoes which could support the arch is a must for these people.

A shoe for Plantar Fasciitis must feature a good support to your heel and arch in order to perfectly ease pain. Shoes with a closed heel is good enough to reduce pain, but the combination of a supportive shoe and insole with arch support is a better answer for the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis.

90% of people who have PL will have chances for recovery if they follow the right treatment of the doctor according to some studies. Seeking and wearing an appropriate shoe would be a great choice to deal with this disease. Things below are things that you should keep in mind for choosing the best shoes for plantar fasciitis:

If you are suffering from heel pain because of PL, we highly recommend you to wear shoes which have arch and cushion supporting. It will gently stretch the PF muscle band in order to reduce pain.
Some required features of shoes for plantar fasciitis are firm heel counters, flexibility of the toe box, good arch support, and firm midsole.
Comfortable Cushioned Back is a good feature that will protect your heel from any damage in the future.
Shock Absorption also should be included for a good shoe. This ensures your feet does not get full impact of your every step.

Common Complaints About Running Shoes And Plantar Fasciitis

At the first time you can’t choose a perfect shoe which could fix all or cure your plantar fasciitis immediately. It’s is a whole process of trial and error in order to identify your appropriate one. After time of using, you probably have some common complaints below as the same as majority of users.

Your current shoes could be more expensive than others models which you might think it serve for the same purpose.

Your heel pain could not totally eliminate, and you could blame for your shoe. But do you know that most people land their whole heels while running, and it is not the appropriate therapy which your feet need.

Group Studies And Statistics

Many group studies over the year have indicated the benefit of proper treatment for plantar fasciitis patients. But none of physician could tell you how wearing the best running shoes could be a paint therapy which is suitable for you. All we can do is using our judgment based on our knowledge.

With an appropriate treatment, you could reduce 30% of your PL painful. Many practical group studies each years are hold with actual plantar fasciitis sufferers which could give you some professional advice. For example: Stretching Protocol which last 8 week for trial and 2 year to follow up.

There was 66 patients have completed this study. The gold of this study is to evaluate the outcomes of PL stretching protocol in patients. After treatment, there is a significant improvement for those who do PL stretching protocol, 92% reported satisfaction and 77% reported that there is no limitations in sport activities.


With the fast pace of manufacturers’ improvement, you would see some of the model we mentioned above are not the newest one. But don’t take that serious, we only chose the best list of athletic shoes for plantar fasciitis. You will never regret to buy one of them if you’re having plantar fasciitis.

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