Best Running Shoes For High Arches- Reviews 2019

Choosing clothes that fit well to your body seems to be a very simple and normal thing. And we should do the same thing to shoe as well. However, sometime, we forgot that the feet are suffering all body’s weight and usually don’t remember to take care of them. During daily walking, the activity may don’t affect your feet too much because most of us spend time to sit in office or class.

But switch to running or other sport, it’s a totally different thing. I believe that each one of us always want to enjoy some out-door activities to improve strengthens and health. But high frequency motion influence seriously to feet and it may cause injuries and pain too, especially to high arch feet, if you don’t pick the right shoe.

What’s High Arch Feet?

High arch is type of feet. You can easily find out by step wet foot on a blank paper or wood. The foot print will show the heel and forefoot are only connected by a thin bind meanwhile normal foot has a “7” foot print and flat foot (low arch) has a plane foot print. Normally, your foot doesn’t shoe any sign of foot type at childhood. And then, year by year, the curves foot can develop and can be happened at both feet and just one single foot. To find out what type of feet you are, let’s get wet your feet and step on a paper or dry wood than see the result.

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Why Do We Have To Find The Right Categories Shoe For It?

Do not ever think that having a high arch is better than having a flat or normal one and you don’t need to worry about the pain or other symptoms “thank to” the natural absorption system. That is totally a misunderstanding! High arched people has their own problems that you might not know. In normal life, it’s hard for them to find a shoe that could make them feel comfortable because the shoes aren’t deep enough.

The foot’s length might shorter than normal foot’s length. Moreover, when you are standing, the body’s weight doesn’t equally be divided to the foot but usually put on the back and the balls of foot. For some people, the high arches don’t bounce to lower height, which make them feel pain while walking, standing too long and especially running.

More seriously, high arch feet could cause instability of ankle, pain in heel or sole, stress fractures of foot bones, etc. an lead to reduce your freedom of activity and well-being.

Nowadays, the modern medical can treat the high arch feet by surgery. However, the most recommended treatment is to wear suitable shoes for high arch feet people.

What Characteristic The Shoe Must Have?

Of course, as need for high arched shoe is increase, shoe’s manufactures always catch clients’ demand. Shoe designed especially for high arch feet people are ready in market now. You can easily find it by asking or searching neutral cushioning shoe. The neutral cushioning shoe are recommended for the high arch feet runners has following special requirements:

Type Of Cushioning

Every shoe all needs cushioning to support runner’s foot. But different shape of feet requirement different level of cushioning. For high arch feet, doesn’t need too much cushioning’s like shoe for flat feet people. Normally, cushioning are focused in heel because while walking and running high arch feet people are painful at heel meanwhile others position don’t be affected so much so it doesn’t needed.

The heel height should be enough in order to protect heel against the debris on ground, and help you to not feel any pain and discomfort. And like the heel, the forefoot height should be enough to protect forefoot. A right height at forefoot is required so that you won’t feel pain or get hurt.

The most important thing that the cushioning of that shoe should place along outside of the shoe in order to prevent under-pronation, which leads to outward roll of foot. In another hand, you also don’t need a bulky big cushioning on the inner part of the shoe, it doesn’t necessary in support the running. The companies have their own “recipes” to make cushioning, but commonly using 3 following material: gel, glycerin and foam. Some other use air cushioning as well.

The neutral shoe featured a single-density and soft midsoles is also a good choice. The midsole is the part that could absorb shock impact. A midsole well cushioning will ensure that during whole running, offer maximum protection.


An indispensable condition required for a shoe of high arch feet runner. Besides of cushioning, this type of shoe has to have flexibility. It needs to be very flexible in order to support high arch feet runner maximum. Because, normally high arch feet are very stiff meanwhile arches are supposed to be a natural absorption part of the body. So, a flexible shoe will replace the job of the stiff arch and distribute impact in every move.

A flexible shoe commonly has a soft and lightweight upper. A great upper that fit well to your foot not just gives comfort, breathability but also create flexibility with a bit of cushioning there. Outsole also needs to be flexible. It has to be made with durable material so that you won’t slide while running and can use that for long term, but their grooves need to be well designed so that the flexibility will be enhanced.

You can easily check their 2 requirements below by touching the upper to feel material or wear it, as well, and go around store to find out if the shoe give you the comfort and the convenience each time changing of direction.

Shape Of Shoe

Sound pretty strange, but shoe shape is another quality need to be featured in neutral cushioning shoe for high arch feet. The shoe has to have a curved last. The design offers support, help your foot to pronate just a little bit so that you can experience a good and comfortable running, leading to improve your performance.

Meanwhile, a slip last is also need to be featured in neutral cushioning shoe. The detail enhances flexibility of shoe and add some extra cushioning. To experience those quality below, you should put shoes on and walk for a while, feel the move of your foot.

To buy shoe for high arch feet, you can go straight to any store and ask about neutral cushioning shoe. Moreover, check on the internet to see which the most recommended shoe are, pick one and go to store and check, that will save lots of time.

Whether what way you choose, just be sure that you will try it. Remember, you’re picking shoe for running, a high frequency activity that affect huge impact on your foot. So don’t regret the time and money that you have to spend to buy shoe. Here are the nominee for best shoe for high arch feet:

Top 10 Best Running Shoes For High Arches – Updated


Brooks Glycerin 11 is one of the best seller in the running shoes. The shoe can be the first choice for high arch runners. It is compared as your foot’s butler because it always makes you feel comfortable in every steps. “Surprised” – the adjective will describe your feeling when you try using this pairs of running shoes such as how well its cushion is, how flexible it is… Besides, these own fresh color and attractive look. With the high-quality and nice appearance of this product, its cost is quite expensive.

However, it is completely worth for you when getting it. Its duration will justify your buying which will be right or wrong. To me, I still believe in my choice. And now, I am very ready to run on my own way with Brook Glycerin 11.


NIKE is known as the top brand of world, indeed. Therefore, I always believe and choose to buy its products. Nike Air Pegasus +30 is one of the most choosing shoe’s collection for high arch runner. “Love at the first sight” – that’s an exact phrase to show my feeling when I see Pegasus+ 30.

It look so attractive with luxurious color. I usually pay more attention to the midsole of running shoes because it is one of the important factors which help you feel more comfortable when running. Its midsole is made of Nike’s Cushion foam that feels soft and plush. This product is suitable for neutral runner. To me, I truly appreciate its flexibility on the run.


If you are a fan of Asics, you will really satisfy with Kinsei 6 – a follow –up to the popular Kinsei 5 because it look more dynamic. Besides, it also provides a considerable smooth ride that it is quite rare for any running shoes owning. Moreover, its flexibility can help us more confident in every step thanks to its lower midsole.

There is a specialty in this latest design that a new modular pod is made in front of the sole with rows of small boxes linked grooves between. Compared with the other average neutral shoe, Kinsei 6’s weight is a little heavier, so it will be really suitable for any runner who do not mind a little extra heft. And I’m one of those.


Running with Altra Torin, I feel so comfortable in every step. This line is quite popular with the shoe lovers around the world. Some details of this product which are design make people feel how attractive it is such as: a zero heel, a foot – shaped toe box and lightweight.

Especially, its cushion which is provide in the heel of this shoe is so fantastic, and it is launched to both the men’s and women’s version. There are many choices for you when buying like its color, its size… I feel the fit of this shoes in the first time when I try wearing it.


Saucony Ride 6 is one of the best running shoes for high arches runner. In the world, there are many different running shoes’ brand for you to be able to choose any running shoes you like.

To me, Saucony Ride 6 is a product which is quite suitable for my style because there many properties of this shoes that its weight is quite light and its flexibility is very little torsional in the middle foot. The well – cushioning of this product is very good. Not only is there a nice design and high – quality, but also it has a good stability and durability. The cost of this is considerable to own it.


ASICS can’t never miss on this list. ASICS GEL KAYANO 21 is a following generation of Kayano 20. It is one of the softest running shoes in Asics’s brand. This product is uses methods of traditional construction but it is very easy for user to find quality of its material.

I am sure to say that Kayano 21 is a product which is very considerable because the shoe’s over or any runner often want a well cushioned and plush shoes. Specially, there is a new thing in this design that the heel Gel pad is thinker than others.

Its forefoot which is compared with Kayano 20 is more flexible thanks to the softer material. Besides, the pad of its forefoot is also designed very well which make users feel more comfortable for their movements.


Be still the top running shoes’ brand of world, NEW BALANCE has been launched in market for a long time and is loved by most people. Leadville V3 is one the products in the line of New Balance.

It is appreciated that is the medial post but it is really attractive to people in a long time, especially young ones. The weight of Leadville V3 is either light or heavy at 10.4 ounces that make users more comfortable.

Maybe it looks lower than normal. This product is specially designed for trail running. Its uppers and overlays is reduced by doing some of netting. Be confident to run on your own way with Leadville V3.


The New Balance 890V4 is a neutral trainer with lightweight. It is such a considerable product for users’ choice. It not only provides well – cushioning but also works great for faster running.

I can be sure to say that 890V4 has full of special things which is rare for the other kinds such as its fresh color, its support and super light one. Combined with high technology, New Balance gives to world’s market a completely new product. It is 890V4.


One of the newest line of Adidas, Supernova Glide 5 is truly impressed by many people around the world. Most products of Adidas have always nice look, and so is Glide 5. Its weight is neither light nor heavy (middle weight) for neutral runners who like a soft shoes with a comfortable ride.

It will be easy for users to find the real quality of this product. Whenever you choose any surface like soft or harder to run or walk, it always offers maximum cushion, support and comfort. However, if you want to run or walk quicker, you should choose one pairs of heavier shoe. Because of its middle weight, it will have a little difficulties. But, that is a small thing which can prevent me to own it.

10. NIKE AIR MAX+ 2013

NIKE AIR MAX+ 2013 is one of the best seller nowadays. Its design appreciated is supper cool. You can get many choices about its color like red, white or black. This product provides such an enjoyable running experience over longer distances. Instead of the traditional cushioning, it gets a new choice, see – through cushioning.

It make its stability increase. The inconsiderable minus thing is heel-to-toe transition which needs getting used. And the other factor which makes the comfort of this shoes is a stretchy inner lining.

It is not only comfortable but also secure. Max+ 2013 have both a nice appearance and high – quality which is appreciated perfectly, so its cost is quite expensive. However, if you want to own the running shoes with long durability or long stability, I advise you to choose this line of NIKE. It is completely worth.


Overall, whether in daily activities or in practice, you need to choose a right shoe to your feet. It’s an important part of the body that people usually haven’t recognized it yet. So don’t just put your eyes on price when choosing shoe because that good investment is saving you from injuries and pain, not mention yet that they help you to practice safely and comfort.

Each manufacturer has its own style and technology to make shoe for high arch runners and offers various style, so the list below is just a compurtation relative for you to example. So, you can try all brands to find which is the best price, style and suitable for you. But at the end, don’t forget to wear and try it!