7 Ways to Care for Your Shoes

7 Ways to Care for Your Shoes

Shoes, as they say, have a sense of improving a person’s self-esteem. when ladies buy a new pair of shoes they always have the touch of it. They need a good shoe to last longer. They, therefore, need to be careful or else their happiness will be ruined.

The 7 Ways to Care for Your Shoes are discussed below in details :

1. Kiwi Protectant

Its advisable to spray a new pair of leather shoes with a protestant it helps to protect them against the moist weather conditions and remain in good shape all through. Kiwi protectants are among the best selling products, I recommend the use of this product.

2. Heel guards

It always a good idea to buy stilettos. Try to imagine the feeling to a lady it wow!!.it is therefore recommended to try a heel guard to protect it from scratching off the original color. The main challenge with this is that they fail to match the colors in equal measures. The guard acts as a glass protector and protects the heel against external damage.

3. Heel caps

This is also a superb way of taking care of ones’ shoes, in general shoes come with their own caps when they are bought. The importance of caps helps the shoes not to sink in soft soil. Also, the lady can stand with ease due to the increased surface area. Heel caps are affordable and economical to buy.

4. Leather Cream

Most leather shoes, when exposed to direct sunshine or rain, tend to corrode easily and fade off. It is of importance to ensure that you apply the leather cream on a regular basis. This is key as it keeps the shoes in great color as the original ones.

5. Storage

The duration and stability of a shoe are not just how often she uses her shoe but how well is it stored. Thrive to store shoes in a cool and dry place. This should be in a closed dark place away from sunlight. Sun and water affect the original color of shoes.

6. Rubber guard

Other than the normal heel caps she can buy the rubber soles to be added to the shoe. This is usually if the shoe is for long-term purposes. Girls, for example, would want to take care of their shoes to last longer and enjoy the fashion. In this aspect, she should visit a cobbler to get this installed as the outer sole.

7. Use charcoal pouches

Technology has even found itself in the shoe industry. It is now easy to store shoes. The use of charcoal pouches in the shoes help absorb moisture in humid areas. On top of that, it removes odor that originates between wears especially day after day.

The above discussed 7 Ways to Care for Your Shoes are the best ways known to many. They are the ways ladies use to make sure their shoes remain in a good situation for a longer period of time. It is therefore important to pamper your shoes to get the best out of them.

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