5 Hacks To Keep White Shoes Clean

5 Hacks To Keep White Shoes Clean

Out on the streets with your white sneakers on. What a feeling! The only issue is the feeling doesn’t last long enough. The moment your shoes greet the road, they make friends with the dirt and mud. And then all you could think about is when do you have the time to sit down with your dirty pair of shoes and make them look like new again. No worries, I’m here to help. In this article I’ll tell you five very convenient and easy to follow hacks to keep your white shoes/ sneakers as good as new.

Hacks to follow to Clean up the White Shoes

Hack #1 : Clean with hair-shampoo

No, I’m not talking about using high-end hair products on your shoes and glisten them with them till they pretend to shine. I’m just asking you to use any gentle cleansing shampoo. It’s not just good but it works like a charm on the stains over your white shoes made of cotton fabric. Talk about any kind of stain: grease stain, ink stain, or dirt and mud spots, right amount of cleanser cleans it all. After you wash your shoes with shampoo, use a paper towel to pat it dry and then leave it under the sun for a while.

Hack #2: Change your laces often

Months and months of walking take a huge toll on your shoe laces. Sometimes, it’s not really your shoe but the laces which make your shoe look old and torn and gives you a feeling that you should rather throw them off and get a new pair. But wait! Consider changing your shoe laces instead. It’s an inexpensive trick and sometimes works wonders for the perfect shoe fix. Laces are easier to clean too, just go for it!

Hack #3: Stain removers

Well, guess what? The day you decide to wear white is the day you end up spilling something on your whites. Case in point: white shoes. Innumerable times, we find ourselves in situations where we end up spilling coffee or wine or even oily food right on your shoe-clad feet. What do you do then? Clean them spots up with stain removers. Yes! You don’t even have to clean your entire shoe. All you need to do is go to the nearest pharmacy and buy a Tide-Go-to pen.It’s a bleach pen and works on any light colored garment too. Hold the pen open on the spot area and rub gently over it for a few seconds. For an effective result, use a powder bleach to was of your shoes immediately. And Tada! You have your shoes as good as new.

Hack #4: Self-made or DIY scrubber

You do not have to shop for this. Believe it or not, every ingredient that you need to make a powerful bleach for you white shoes is available right in your kitchen shelves. We are all lucky because the key to shinier shoes lies in using your pantry’s baking soda mixed with ice water as the best cleansing agent from your kitchen. Mix the baking soda with water, and use a toothbrush to churn it up. Take out your dirty converse white sneakers and spread the mix on the spots with the help of the brush. Leave them on for a while (maybe for a day) and next day, wake up to the magic. Spots are gone!

Hack #5: Use While Nail Polish

Now now, there will always be certain stubborn spots that just won’t leave you alone. You tried everything, for maybe days, but everything failed. What do you do then? Give up? No way! Take out your coloring pencils, I mean take your wife’s while nail polish and make a DIY magic potion. Mix your nail polish with some white spirit, spread it on the affected area with a brush. Although, you have to keep in mind that, multiple coats will result in a darker shade. It’s not advisable to go on coating one after the other in order to get rid of the stain cause then you will end up instead with a nail polish blot. Hence, this one, is a subtle art. Wite-Out is another option which can do the trick. Maybe with more finesse than the nail polish.

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