Easy Ways to Clean Soles of Shoes

Easy Ways to Clean Soles of Shoes

We always wear shoes in all kinds of places. Even if you avoid stepping on mud and dirty surfaces, your shoes can always get dirty in time especially the soles. The soles of your shoes are like magnets that attract dirt for some reasons. Dirty soles also carry bacteria that you can carry with you not only in the car but also inside your home.

Shoes Soles Cleaning

The first thing that comes to mind when you have dirty soles is to simply throw them in washing machine and use hot water. However, doing so may also damage your shoes. Some people also use towel to clean the soles but the bottom of the shoes always win. So how do you clean soles of shoes? Whether it is your first time to clean soles or not, this article will show you how to clean soles of shoes easily.

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How to Clean Soles of Shoes

The first thing that you need to do is to prepare your workspace. Simply place old newspapers on the surface to prevent the floor or table from getting dirty. It is also best to do this procedure outside your house if possible. You can also wear gloves to prevent the cleaning materials from getting into your skin.

Here are the easy ways to clean rubber soles:

Way 1: Remove Excess Dirt

The most common way of removing dirt from the soles of the shoes is by knocking them off. If there is caked dirt at the bottom of your shoes, simply remove them by knocking them off together or on the wall or ground. You can also use a brush to scrub the sole and remove excess dirt or dried mud. A plastic knife can also help you remove dirt in between. If the dirt and mud are impossible to remove with this method, check out other solutions below.

Way 2: White vinegar

White vinegar Solution

Vinegar can also help to eliminate dirt and bacteria from the soles of your shoes. Simply pour enough amount of vinegar on a clean cloth and rub it against the soles of your shoes. Simply repeat the steps until you remove all dirt. Rinse it off with water once finished.

Way 3: Soak Soles

For stubborn dirt in soles of shoes, you can simply soak the soles in a pan. Add enough amount of liquid soap and mix it with warm water. Make sure that there is enough water to cover the entire soles. Do not use bleach detergents as those may remove the color on your soles. However, if the soles of your shoes are white, then it would be fine to use bleach. Leave it on the pan for at least fifteen minutes and scrub off the dirt. This solution should solve your problem.

Way 4: Use Plastic Knife

If there is a gum stuck on the sole, you can easily scrape it off with a plastic knife. If the gum is still flexible, you can easily remove it with a paper towel. You can also let the gum become hard first before removing it with a plastic knife.

Way 5: Abrasive powder

Simply mix one tablespoon of abrasive powder with two tablespoons of water. Mix well until you make a paste. Using an old toothbrush, dip it into the mixture and scrub the soles of your shoes. Make sure that you also use eyeglasses or sunglasses to protect your eyes. Wearing gloves are also advisable to prevent the chemicals from getting into your skin. Scrub the paste until the dirt and mud disappear.

Way 6: Whitening toothpaste

Another great way to clean the white soles of your shoes is whitening toothpaste. With an old toothbrush, brush the soles of your shoes just like how your brush your teeth. Once finished, wipe the soles with a damped cloth and let it dry.

Way 7: Damp rag

Another easy solution is to clean soles of shoes easily is to use a damped rag and simply scrub the dirt residue.

These are the easy ways to clean soles of shoes. Since the soles of the shoes provide us protection, it is just right to clean them regularly. It does not take a lot of time to clean the bottom of your shoes. It also saves you from getting new pair of shoes. Have fun cleaning!

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