Nike Lunarglide 6 Review

Nike Lunarglide 6 Review

In 2009, Nike, Inc. launched Nike Lunarglide Running Shoes product family, and then it has become a phenomenon loved much by runners. Have you owned one of those famous items yet? If not, you should try this new version – Nike Lunarglide 6 that is totally a top quality shoe for runner who overpronates and is looking for lightweight stability types. With improving some features, you will experience an amazing comfort on each footstep.

Product Description

  • Intended use: On all surfaces except use on trail or unpaved types.
  • Surfaces tested on: Road, synthetic track 210C/700
  • Color: Black – White – Hyper Cobalt – Hyper Punch.
  • Height of sole: toe (17mm) and heel (27mm).
  • Nike technologies: Dynamic Flywire, Lunarlon, Dynamic Support.

Product Features and Specifications


An ultra-thin and seamless mesh is strongly attached over synthetic leather lattice covering the throughout the Lunarglide 6. This new mesh makes the shoes is not only slightly warmer but also more breathable, lightweight and comfortable than the Nike Lunarglide 5. In the results, your feet do not covered with sweat and get hot while running thank to this re-designed single layer mesh.

The comfort of the Nike Lunarglide 6 also comes from Flywire cables that is securely double sewed to the upper base, and all those have been updated. While the previous version has six cables, which connect to the sole unit on each side, there are just five ones in the new version increasing distance between them. Thus, this sparse density of the Flywire cables permits the tension to be spread out entire the foot more evenly as the shoe is laced. The Dynamic Flywire advances the fit and protects your feet away the injuries when you race.

The tongue, whose function is shielding the open portion of lacing and avoiding the friction between your feet and the laces, is still same to the Nike Lunarglide 5. It means that the tongue’s inner sleeve is stuck on the lining to reduce its deviation as quickly moving. However, one different point compared to the previous type is the shorter tongue with a thicker sponge inside it.


Midsole base is the most important element of the sport shoes that play shock resistant role. Therefore, it takes much time and cost to research better and lighter materials to meet athletes’ demand. Nike has a unique Lunarlon technology to create a more lasting and versatile midsole part in the Nike Lunarglide product family.

In this enhancement, Lunarlon foam is used all over the shoe from the heel-toe forming a solid mattress layer. Accordingly, the midsole base of the Nike Lunarglide 6 becomes more cushioning and lighter, then providing greater stability. This feature is completely suitable for overpronated runner to protect their feet for long runs and transition. Thanks to the newly updated Lunarlon foam, weight of the Lunarglide 6 is 9.1 Oz for a half pair of US 9 being 3% lower compared with the Lunarglide 5. You will feel very freely and comfortably when you move because of such lightweight shoes.


The surface of outsole base is optimized to advance adhesion degree and midsole longevity. Materials used on this one were made from mixing natural rubber and synthetic rubber with a specific proportion for each runner’s needs. Nike used Pressure Mapped Outsole and Flex Grooves in the Lunarglide 6 to create more traction and stability where needed and a flexibility as transiting and a more naturally movement throughout runs. Besides, ahead of the mid-foot is covered by a more rubber stratum compared to the Lunarglide 5. This outsole’s strengths combines with the Lunarlon foam bringing the new softer and lighter shoes for each your step and great stability during footstrick.

Other features

Two rubber pieces stuck together assemble into a horseshoe shape in the rear. Moreover, an eye-catching bevel design declines gradually impact forces on this heel. The plastic heel clip has now been made up larger and its end partially supports or the Dynamic supports lead to arch-support improvement over the Lunarglide 5. These special details also considerately contribute on taking a better stability for long runs.

In the Lunarglide 5, reflectivity is pointed out on the heel and the tongue. In contrast, it is conspicuous that the Lunarglide 6 reflectivity is zero by its absence that is changed by a piece of good foam and fabric.

About the Nike Lunarglide 6 style, you can choose some color assortments such as black, white, hyper cobalt, hyper punch from satisfying your tastes.

Besides normal Lunarglide 6 styles, Nike also produced specialized ones like Flashback and H2O for some needs.

Pros and Cons


  • Re-designed single layer mesh in upper base wrapping throughout the shoe for breathability and comfort.
  • Updated five Flywire cables permitting the tension to be spread out entire the foot more evenly as the shoe is laced.
  • More cushioning and stability thanks to change Lunarlon foam in midsole base.
  • Adequate to overpronation in transition and allowing away some injuries in long runs.
  • Fashionable color schemes for tastes.


  • Tongue stuck on the lining may limited the shoes’ size, thus you should consider buying a 0.5 size larger than what is needed.
  • Absence of reflectivity contrasted to the previous version.


To sum up, although the Nike Lunarglide 6 do not have many prominent compared to the Nike Lunarglide 5, its newly updated features also contribute on enhancing the comfort and fit. Especially, it is very amazing for overpronators with re-designing the Lunarlon foam in the midsole base. Moreover, this makes you feel more flexibility in transition and more stability and cushion in long runs. I highly recommend it for people who love running since this new version will not disappointed you and bring a softer and smoother ride. The Nike Lunarglide 6 is completely an outstanding and valuable sport shoes. Go to purchase to experience the best running shoes and then introduce it to your friends.


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