Best Running Shoes For Women

How To Choose The Best Running Shoes For Women

veryone want to be more confident in their steps. Therefore, choosing the right shoes is always an essential need for them. Nowadays, the running shoes is more and more popular with not only players but also most people around the world, especially teenagers. The running shoes which someone owns make you feel their character or their style. On the other hand, a beautiful running shoes can help you emphasize your character. In the global market, there are many diversified choices or forms for “shoes player” including both man and woman. When you want to go the running shoes store to buy a new pair of shoes, you will feel dazzled with all shoes in store because there are many choices in the same time for you. In this article, I will introduce to you about the way how to choose the right running shoes for women.

Running Shoes Features

  • Running shoes uppers: Most running shoes are made from synthetic leather because it is more breathable than real leather. The materials which was derived from nylon and polyester are used to make its leather. It is so durable. Besides, nylon and nylon mesh which are chosen from durable materials can help your shoes reduce its weight. TPU – an important feature in running shoes uppers are designed over the breathable shoe panels so as to enhance its durability and stability.
  • Running shoes mid shoes: EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is a types of foam to be usually used for running shoes mid shoes. To force a flex pattern, someone will add multiple densities of EVA. Plates is chosen to make by nylon or TPU in order to protect the bottom of your foot when impacting pointed things. Shanksmake the mid sole stiffen and protect the heel and arch.
  • Running shoes outsoles: in the running shoes market, you can see that the material which is used to make its outsoles is rugged carbon rubber in heel because of its cushioning.
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop: Heel drop and its cushioning depend on owners. I will provide for you some basic size of heel-to-Toe Drop. The size of a low or medium heel drop is from zero to 8mm and a high heel drop is from 10 to 12mm.

Types Of Running Shoes

No matter how famous these running shoes’ brand is, it is divided into three basic types which are able to be suitable for three runner:

Over Pronator (runner type) –Stability Shoes (shoe type): Based on the shape of foot, it is designed with many details to be suitable for your foot such as double thick midsoles, foot bridges… These make footwear’s motion flexibly by its medial support. Besides, this medial support help runner control your own speed when you move or run.
Neutral Pronator (runner type) – Stability shoes (shoe type): There is a special thing in this design that cushioning factors and support factors is combined with stability footwear. Due to a kind design, the runners set their mind at rest with any running shoes. Just wear it and be ready to run on your own way.
Supinator (runner type) – Cushion shoes (shoe type): due to cushioned footwear, it will help reduce shock in its midsole and outsole. In the running shoes market, there are many materials which are chosen to make some body of running shoes like heel, heel-to –Toe Drop, forefoot… Many shoe companies use some basic air like hydro flow to add their products which can enhance the cushioning properties of the shoe.
Everyone has their own different shape of foot. The runner or “shoe player”, especially woman, can base on the type of runner and the type of shoes which I have mentioned above. It is one of the important factors for you to choose the right running shoes. And are you ready for your competition with your suitable shoes? Keep calm and pay attention to some important factor to get a perfect pair of running shoes!

Some Tips For Choosing Running Shoes

  • Size: Size of shoes is designed by the main purpose of manufacturer. If you are not sure about your size foot, you should try on directly. In some case, some people are assumed by their size foot. Have your feet measured every time you buy, and always try the shoes on for fit.
  • The logical time to try on shoes: The end of day is a beautiful time for you to go shopping so as to choose a pair of running shoes according to your style because your feet normally swell during the day’s activities, but it will be larger then. According to the general character of women, they usually love the shoes which fit closely, since they pay more attention to the size of their feet.
  • Buying for looks: To me, just buy for looks when you choose to buy the running shoes with the famous brands. In other case, you should measure carefully. A pair of running shoes get a hot appearance and high – quality will make you more confident on your own way.

I have mentioned some tips, as well as common mistake which buyers usually make. It can help you get a perfect pair of running shoes.

Choosing the right running shoe can glorify the beauty of your feet. Especially, women usually care of it so much. If you own a beautiful, modern and perfect pair of running shoes with the high – quality, you will feel more confident, even more fashionable in every steps. You have worried about the way how to choose right shoes before. However, now, you can be ready choose any running shoes without any worry.

Best Running Shoes For Women – Update  2019

1. ASICS WOMEN’s Gel – Kayano 21

The first brand on every list of best running show is always ASICS. Indeed, ASICS has many different model for different form of foot. The Kayano 21 is considered as a most suitable running shoe for women. Colors are really chic and modern with plate blue, rose and white. The shoe has excellent cushioning, absorb shock impact very well, leading to create comfort for runners during entire running. Made with durable material, this shoe can be used in different terrain such as grass, road. Once put the shoes on, you can experience the comfort, the stability in every step and the durability by time.


The NEW BALANCE is new trend in recent years. Newest product WT610 trail is the suitable product for daily wear and exercise at the same time. The product not just impress people by its look but by its comfort, breathe ability and fit as well. The New Balance WT610 Trail is designed for women. This super lightweight shoe increases the comfort and improve the performance. The shoe can be used for many years. Thanks to the durable synthetic uppers, high quality upper sole, some customers said that the shoe has the same quality as the first time use, after 2 years of practicing.


SAUCONY is never missed on the list of best running shoe. Among large market shoe, the manufacturer is always considered as one of the leaders in industry. The lightweight product has a good looking, very unique colors mixes. Moreover, the GUIDE7 provides the comfort and stability as well. With this shoe, you don’t have to worry about other disturbing thing so that you can put your mind 100% only on your game. The shoe can maximize your performance. One thing that I like about the GUIDE7 is that the producer has used many different techniques to support archers, absorb shock impact and many different protection around the feet.


One of the biggest and most popular company in industry, the ADIDAS is always the leader in creating trending shoe. But don’t forget that the German company is recognized by the quality of its products too. Even though its price is pretty higher, but the quality of the cushioning and stability can be denied. If you’re looking for a trendy, good looking shoe for running and daily wear, the ADIDAS ADISTAR BOOST is a perfect one. The shoe is also made with durable material like synthetic, textiles… To create the shape of show, ensure the lightweight, the comfort and breathability. Overall, the product is worthy for its price.


Talking about Adidas, we shouldn’t forget Nike. If you seek for a very night-qualified cushioning shoe and comfort for a long exercise, than the ZOOM VEMERO 10 is a perfect choose. The mesh upper creates breathability, leading air-flow through the shoe, so that during a long running your foot still dry and you won’t feel any discomfort. The shoe has enough cushions to support neutral arch from collapsing, avoiding pain or injuries. The ZOOM VOMERO is pretty light for lady, helps them improve their performances. The price may not satisfy you, but you won’t regret for buying it.


Brooks is also an ideal brand that we shouldn’t forget. Ghost 7 is consider as one of most well-balanced running shoes. The manufacturer uses its Brooks DNA to make cushioning in order to provide stability, security and flexibility of the shoe. Like all brands above, Ghost 7 is made from durable material like synthetic, rubber. But they use it very smartly so that the shoe has a bouncy, light and balanced during whole running. The GHOST 7 doesn’t have a gently, lightly looking for women, a little bit rough with colors black and red. But it doesn’t a matter.


Last but not least, the MERRELL is the most interesting product on this list. It has a simple design with black color and it might not look as good as many other shoe, however, this shoe can bring lots of advantages for customers. The shoe has a Trail protection plate in order to help you run with comfort in many different terrains. Moreover, it could be used in different weather conditions too. The Gore-Tex Connect Fit ensures its breathability and waterproof. The durability is also guaranteed, thanks to its high qualified material, but not as long as you think at that price. For women, the Trail glove is a little bit heavy.


After all, it’s not really hard to find a good pair of shoe. Depends on your purpose and style, you can always find the right shoe for you. The type and tips above will help you to find shoe faster and more suitable for your activities. Investment in shoe is never wasted. So, enjoy your shopping day!

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