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Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet : Reviews for Men & Women

To keep your body healthy and strong, we should practice some activities, besides following a nutrient regime. Running is one of the most common sport that many people choose to practice. Comparing with others sport, running is easier to exercise and less expensive when you have to buy some outfits like cloths, gloves, shoe or equipment. Shoe is the most important thing that you have to have when playing any sport. Each kind of game needs different kind of shoe. In running, shoe is very important. It’s not only just help you exercise easily, it’s also protect you from injuries on leg. In this article, we’ll discover best running shoes for flat feet people and what are best shoe that are suitable for them.

What’s Flat Feet?
Flat feet, of fallen arches, is words to describe arches of your feet. Normally, your feet has an arches, a part at middles of feet that raise up a little bit, makes your feet isn’t completely on the ground. Remember when you was a kid, watching cartoon, Tom chases Jerry, perhaps. You always see the foot prints are like an “S”, not completely full. When it comes to flat feet people, their arches are so low that almost flat against the ground.

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Running Shoes Buying Guide for Flat Feet

It can be a pain, literally, to buy the wrong running shoes when you have flat feet. If you’re planning on buying a new pair of shoes, follow these simple guidelines and you should have no problems finding the right pair of shoes.

Stability Shoes
These shoes are perfect for those that have mildly collapsed arches. This is because they provide extended support for the foot arch, which is a priority in many cases.

Motion Control
Motion control shoes are made for those who have severely fallen arches. This is because motion control shoes are designed to restrict improper movement while running. With an extremely stiff heel, motion control shoes offer strong arch support.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that stability shoes and shoes with motion control are a bit on the pricier side of things. While paying for these shoes may be difficult for some people, it’s important to understand that paying the cost upfront is more beneficial for your feet. Sadly, if you want the best support for your feet, you’re going to have to pay for it.

Before you settle on the first pair of shoes you see, you should most certainly take style into consideration. More often than not, running shoes tend to be on the bulkier side of things. If you don’t like the idea of wearing bulky running shoes, then you might not like shoes intended for flat feet. Unfortunately, lightweight shoes just don’t provide the support that a person with flat feet needs. With that being said, there are some great looking shoes out there for people with flat feet, so keep reading and you’ll surely find something that you like.

If you’re looking for a pair of running shoes and you have flat feet, you should be looking for a pair of shoes that have plenty of arch support. You should also be looking for a pair of running shoes that have additional support in the toe and heel area.

Now that you have an idea of what you should be looking for in a shoe, it’s time to take a look at some of the best running shoes for flat feet on the market today.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet in 2019

1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15

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Brooks isn’t an unfamiliar brand for runner. The Adrenaline GTS is targeted to flat feet runners, who have special natural design and want to practice to be healthier. The GST 15 is totally worth to be consider as your partners.

First, this shoe is made with HPR Plus, a durable material, allows runners to perform in many different terrains. It creates stability and comfort during whole activity. The thing that makes the GTS 15 on the top 10 list is the control ability. The Adrenaline GTS 15 improves the overall control during stride. Meanwhile, there are an adjustable saddle in shoe, aims to support runners.

You fully feel comfortable and secured in every step thanks to the Snug lacing system. The Adrenaline GTS has designs for both men and women with various colors. The small thing that maybe you don’t like about its look – a little bit rough but sportive.

2. Mizuno Wave Inspire 11

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Sound unfamiliar, however, Mizuno has more than 100 years serving in sportive industry. Until now, it’s still a trusted brand in sportive shoe market. Using high technologies to make equipment, Mizuno shoe can keep you run for miles, despite of any condition.

The Inspire 11 is considered as one of the best shoe for flat feet people. This Mizuno is full of cushioning without increasing any extra weight for the shoe. The shoe is well designed to fit well to flat feet, lead to better control and prevent injuries while running. Internal straps tie around foot and secure them well meanwhile soft fabric lining gives comfort in every step.

Besides, a strong arch support is already set up, besides of the secure-fitting heel counter and a shock resistant midsole technology, helps runners practice easily. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 11 is considered as a stable shoe for running, thanks to the role of core stability in the Mizuno line up.

Many customers and even experts recommended that the Mizuno Inspire 11 is a stable running shoe for flat feet. They are, no doubt, appropriate shoe for flat feet people. And of course, they are available for both men and women.

3. Nike Lunar Glide 6

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Talking about big names in shoe firms, we have to mention Nike, one of the biggest supplier of athletic shoe and clothing around the world. And of course, the American manufacturer has a series which is designed especially for flat feet runners – the Lunar Glide 6. Indeed, the first thing that we see in this shoe is the trendy style and colors.

Furthermore, inside this beauty, there are plenty of cushioning, throughout entire sole, from heel to toe, in order to provide stability for your activities. This series is created for overpronates runners, who need extra stability and suitable shoe for both running and training.

Once you put the Lunar Glide on, you can feel the stability almost immediately. The Lunarlon foam materials are put on entire sole, aims to create comfort and improve performance. Besides, Nike five Flywire cables are connected to the sole unit, allowing the tension to be spread out evenly, decrease pressure on foot, making Lunar Glide more secured.

Moreover, even supply with full of cushioning and Lunarlon foam, the shoe is still really light. Extra supports for flat feet runners doesn’t mean that Lunar Glide is not lightweight shoe.

4. Asics Gel Kayano 21

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Another shoe which come from a Japanese athletic equipment company. Asics, the name of the manufacturers means “healthy soul in a healthy body”. And the Gel Kayano 21 is a reliable evidence to prove that. Indeed, the Gel Kayano 21 is a great shoe for normal arch runners and flat feet runners.

The pair are designed with a rubber sole and impact guidance system, which protect runners from suffering. Besides, full of FluidRide bounce back cushioning could help you to be comfortable in every step because the cushioning will decrease stress on your foot.

Moreover, the FluidFit multi-directional stretch mesh allows shoe to adapt every feet in every move. The moisture-control Ortholite X-40 sock liner is set in both forefoot and rear foot, allowing to avoid shock maximum while practicing. Made from high quality materials, the Gel Kayano 21 is absolutely used years by years.

They are totally worth to purchase, even their price is little higher than other well-known brands. The comfort this lightweight shoe create to runners is priceless.

5. Saucony Omni 13

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The name sounds unfamiliar. However, we couldn’t miss Saucony Omni 13 on the list of best running shoes for flat feet people. Running with Omni 13 could help you to bring your best performance.

The Saucony Omni 13 has the crash pad extends, allows to improve shock absorption, aims to support foot. The XT-900 rubber is used to create outsole, gives traction properties and reduces stress in heel area. Moreover, qualified foam is placed in heel area to improve the comfort and protecting heel from injuries.

In another hand, this Saucony has open mesh upper, allowing airflow, make you feel more comfortable with its high breathability. With the PowerGrid system, impact created when running will be spread out evenly. The thing that people like most about this pair of shoe is that it’s very light with full of support inside.

Once you put the shoe on, Saucony Omni fits well to your foot, you can feel almost immediately the comfort that the design and material offer to you without decreasing your performance caused by heavy equipment. More important, the Saucony Omni 13 have acceptable and affordable price.

6. Adidas Supernova Boost 8

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Well, seems like Adidas appears in every list of top shoe. The Germaine Company has created a great comfortable, stable and durable shoe for flat feet runners. The shoe is designed with synthetic and mesh, creating breathability for shoe itself.

Besides, combination with mold synthetic upper, the shoe have the comfort, giving soft feeling without being heavy. Most important thing is Adidas has Boost midsole technology. The technology is really helpful in spreading out stress, avoiding shock, lead to prevent pain or injuries.

It gives support for flat feet stability while running so that runners can perform with comfort and secure. After recommendation from producer, the Supernova Sequence Boost is suitable especially for hard surface, irregular terrains like roads, trails. Its high quality rubber outsole is very durable, allowing runners to perform in many different conditions, even when it’s rainy or sunny. However, many people say that the Supernova isn’t lightweight shoe.

In my opinion, the Sequence Boost 8 isn’t heavy as people think. Indeed, if you compare the Boost 8 with Saucony, the Boost 8 is heavier. But among flat feet runners shoe’s market, the Sequence Boost 8 has normal weight.

7. New Balance 940v2

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I would like to put New Balance 940v2 on the list. This is the perfect shoe for severe flat feet and need to improve balance while running. Made with heavy rubber sole, an indispensable material in every shoe, the shoe absorbs shock maximum so that you couldn’t feel any discomfort during activities or after that.

By the way, because of the heavy duty rubber sole, the 950v2 is really heavy. The synthetic mesh is well designed. Once you put shoes on, they fit well to your foot. It’s hard to feel any pressure on your toe, even when you make few step around.

This New Balance has full of support, allowing runners to improve their severe overpronated foot. The design will help you to practicing comfortly and, of course, secure your foot from impact from inside and outside. Moreover, Ortholite foam and mesh fabric create breathability to the shoe, allowing the air throughout the shoe evenly.

However, some customers recommend that the shoe is missed of bouncy and cushioning, which provide comfort while running. This may annoying runners after finishing long journey.

8. Brooks Beast 14

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Brooks, again. We can’t deny how attractive Brooks is. This time, the Beast 14 is recommended product to be on your shelf. Brooks Beast 14 is one of the best motion control shoe.

Thanks to the great cushioning and support, the Beast 14 is the best shoe for flat feet runners, especially who has severe overpronate. Made with rubber sole, the shoe can be used for many different terrains and for every weather condition.

Moreover, the thermoplastic (in fore foot) improve balance of the shoe, leading to secure runners’ foot on hard surface. Arch support works efficiently, it helps runners to avoiding accidents. Besides, heel cushioning and forefoot cushioning are considered very well by both experts and customers. They are the most helpful part to protect you from shock on impact. Element Mesh is used to make upper of the Brooks Beast.

This material allows air throughout shoe, helping to control moisture. The small minus point is that the Brooks Beast 14 is its weight. For some people, heavy weight shoe will influence to their performance or create uncomfort while training.

9. Karhu Strong 5 Fulcrum

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The Karhu Strong is really helpful for flat feet runners for everyday training. The manufacture has chosen the bright and stand-out colors for their products. The shoe keeps you practicing without worrying about pain.

The Strong 5’s upper is made of synthetic and mesh, which allows shoe to have lightweight. Besides, this mesh gives breathability to the shoe. Combined with beautiful design, the shoe fits well to your foot, creates comfort feeling in every step.

Especially, the Fulcum’s rocker at midsole supports the line from heel to toe, helping transit weight to your forefoot, aims to enhance comfort while running. The design also creates a different look for this shoe. The Karhu has light cushioning.

Maybe some people don’t like it, especially heavy or high mileage runners. So, let’s try if you aren’t sure about this. Overall, this is still a good shoe to consider.

10. Brooks Revenna 4

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Don’t let the colors fool you. Brooks, again, is on the list for flat feet people! The Revenna 4 can be used in many different platform, great for road.

The shoe brings out with plenty of cushioning, lead to comfort to your foot. Like others shoes from Revenna series, the Revenna 4 has DNS midsole cushioning system, offers support that could be suitable for different foot size and speeds.

Rubber sole is made of integrated shock absorbers in order to avoid shock and provide cushion, allows runners to do their best at every stride. Overall, the lightweight shoe offers great cushion, excellent stability and very suitable for neutral flat feet.

How To Use Running Shoes For Flat Feet?

Running when you have flat feet is almost comparable to running on Jell-O. When someone has flat feet, their feet tend to overpronate, which can lead to the legs collapsing inwards every single time the foot touches the ground. If this is left untreated, it can cause a variety of different injuries including shin splints, and pain in the knees, hips, lower back, and ankles. While most people believe that those with flat feet shouldn’t be running, they’re entirely wrong.

As long as a runner wears the proper footwear, it doesn’t matter if they have flat feet, they’ll be able to run as often as they’d like. The proper running shoes will provide excellent cushioning, reliable support, and motion control. Just because you have flat feet, it doesn’t mean that you’re barred from the track or marathons, it just means that you need to have the right running shoes. If you suffer from having flat feet, and you’re not sure what kind of shoes that you should be wearing, you can always have your feet sized by professionals. When you’re done having your feet sized, they’ll be able to guide you in the right direction. You can also seek the help of a doctor to find out what type of running shoes would benefit you the most.

How to Clean Your Running Shoes

What You’ll Need:
An old toothbrush – soft bristles are essential
A hose or utility sink
For uppers: a mild soap or specialized shoe cleaner
For insoles: a mild soap, baking soda and water paste, or a mixture of one part vinegar to two parts water

Cleaning the Outsoles
1. Let the soles dry completely
2. Scrub them thoroughly
3. Using a toothbrush, make sure that you get to all of the nooks and crannies

Cleaning the Uppers
1. Remove the laces. If they’re dirty, put them in a mesh bag and clean them in the washing machine.
2. Remove the insoles/lines
3. Using a brush, gently remove dust and dirt.
4. Using a mild soap, scrub them clean
5. Rinse them thoroughly with clean water.
NEVER put your sneakers into the washing machine because they can get ruined.

Cleaning the Insoles
1. Using the mild soap, baking soda/water paste, or the vinegar/water mix scrub the insoles.
2. Rinse and allow them to air dry.

Drying Your Running Shoes
1. Place your shoes in a place with a mild temperature and low humidity
2. You can use a fan to make the process go by faster
3. You can also stuff the shoes with newspaper or paper towels, just make sure to change them out when they become damp.

How Do Running Shoes For Flat Feet Work?

As we said before, the right running shoes can provide plenty of benefits for those that suffer from having flat feet. When you have the wrong shoes on, you can experience plenty of pain throughout your feet, legs, ankles, and knees if you try to walk for too long, let alone attempt to run long distances. This is why it’s absolutely essential to find the right pair of running shoes before you attempt to do any kind of serious running.

The right pair of running shoes will provide your feet with the support that they need. They’ll also provide the right kind of motion control and cushioning to prevent your feet from moving in the wrong direction. If you have flat feet and you’re looking for a pair of running shoes to get you through the marathon you’re looking forward to, then make sure to remember that you want a pair of running shoes that can provide support throughout your entire foot, and you want a pair of running shoes that has plenty of shock absorption, as well. You don’t have to stop running because of the way your feet are shaped, you just need to find the right pair of running shoes!
What’s the Difference Between Flat Feet and High Arches?
While both of these conditions can be uncomfortable at the very least, there are certainly definitive differences between the two. Let’s take a moment or two to go over the differences between having flat feet and having feet with high arches.

High Arches
Despite the fact that some people develop high arches over time, people are typically born with this characteristic. High arches are characterized by the arch being high off of the ground when you stand. Unfortunately, having high arches can lead to pain because you’re putting extra stress on your metatarsals, which results in your weight shifting to the ball of your foot. This can lead to:
– Corns and calluses
– Inflexibility and stiffness in the arch
– Tightness in the lower calf muscles
– Knee pain
– Achilles tendinitis
– Plantar fasciitis

Flat Feet
Like high arches, people are typically born with flat feet. You can tell if you have flat feet if your entire bottom part of your foot has contact with the floor. This is the main difference between having a high arch and flat feet. You can even experience the same type of pain as having a high arch, which is why it’s so important to have the proper footwear.

How Do I Choose Running Shoes for Flat Feet?

While there are some people who don’t suffer from pain while having flat feet, there are plenty of people who suffer from arch pain, plantar fasciitis, and knee pain. If you’re looking for a pair of running shoes to help ease some of the tension and pain you experience while running or even walking, then you want to find a pair of shoes that supports your arch and stabilizes your heel. Doing so will prevent overpronation, which is what many people with flat feet suffer from. Usually, the best insoles for someone with flat feet will offer a low, but supportive arch. Even though a shoe with soft, cushioned insoles might seem like the best choice for you to make, you should really be looking for a pair of running shoes that has a sound structural support. Of course, you could always look online for a pair of adequate running shoes that provide the support you need, but if you’re unsure of what you should be looking for, you could seek the help of a professional. They’ll be able to lead you in the right direction when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of running shoes for yourself!

Why Flat Feet People Need Their Own Running Shoe?

Flat feet isn’t a defect of your body. For most of flat feet people, this doesn’t cause any troubles. However, sometimes, flat feet is the cause of pain in feet or ankles. When running, even walking, the feet roles too much inwards, shoe can be wear out and lead to injuries, problems with bones or connective tissues around. That is the worst thing that we never want to happen. So, to avoid injuries, doctors recommend wearing shoe that fit well of add a special insoles in shoe to support feet. And of course, when running, flat feet people need the right shoe for their foot to prevent injuries. Some people will think that why we don’t do a surgery. That would be more convenient for long time. But, unfortunately, sometimes flat foot don’t affect to your daily activities. Even when it does, surgery is only a solution when you have tried all the treatments that doctors recommended but it didn’t work or in some special cases. Moreover, as much as we stay away from surgery or drugs, we’ll stay healthy.

Normally, the foot arch is like a shock absorption system. While running, force creates by the weight of the entire body put down your foot. The arch will reduce this force, helping your foot suffering less pressure (about 20%-30%), allowing avoid injuries. If it doesn’t have arch, your ankle is easy to twist and your knees can overcompensate. That’s why flat feet runners are very concerned

Like I said at beginning, shoe is important thing that you need to prepare before practicing any sport, especially running. Here are the “nominees” of best running shoes for flat feet of the years.

How To Choose The Best Running Shoe For Your Feet?

When thing comes to something a little different, we always need to put some extra care to it. A suitable shoe for flat feet has to be a great combination of well cushioning, stability given by dense foam and motion control given by hard and durable material. So, here are some suggestion that could help you to choose the best running shoe for your feet:

– First, understanding which types of feet you are. Let’s make your feet wet and step on a paper to know if you have high arch, normal arch or very low, almost flat arch. This will decide which kind of shoe you will buy.

– Second, asking experts’ opinion or shoes reviews on internet. Take time to research on internet and try to check as many articles as possible. Because you need the honest consideration to make the right decision. Or, simply, let’s go the shop to experience it by yourself.

– Third, don’t believe in price! Indeed, most of good products cost really high. However, you’re still able to find a good one with an affordable price. Let’s make a comparison among products and check their reviews. Another hand, you can join sporting forum, asking for others flat feet runners.

The Characteristic Features Of The Shoes For Flat Feet

Some people will be confused, why they need a special shoe for flat feet and what are different between shoes for flat feet and for normal feet. Because of the special form of feet and its consequences, shoe for flat feet has to have some characteristic features in order to help flat feet runners practice without pain or injuries.

First of all, a shoe with well-cushioned is what you’ll look for. Normally, arches are our physical and natural cushioning that absorb shock of impact on our feet, allow us to walk and run without feeling any pain. However, for flat feet people, fallen arches might cause pain while running, even injuries. So, shoes for flat feet people need to be well-cushioned so that they could support foot.

Support: A flat feet runner requires a shoe that supports his body weight since their arches are inadequately prepared to handle the weight. When shopping for flat feet running shoes, check for technical details that point towards a shoe having “added support”. Support shoes contain the same level of cushioning as neutral shoes but have additional features that reduce the level of overpronation.

Secondly, the shoes need stability. This characteristic is required for both normal feet and flat feet. Even normal arch can be collapsed while running, their shoes have to have enough dense foam underneath the arch to prevent that’ll be happened. And shoes for flat feet runner need more than that.

Finally, motion control is an indispensable feature. The motion control shoe has to make with hard material, combined with great upper construction that fit well to your feet, lock it in position and keep that situation during whole workout. Normally, a motion control shoe has a hard heels, a design built on straightener last aims to protest over pronation. This characteristic is the key to avoid injuries such as knee osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis.

Flat Feet Runners Exercise Tips

In addition to buying shoes that are tailored just for them, flat feet runners are encouraged to take up exercises that are aimed at strengthening their feet.

If you live near the seashore, include running barefoot on the beach sand as part of your practice schedule. Running barefoot will strengthen your natural leg muscles as well as enhance your natural shock absorption bio mechanics. Experts recommend spending as much time barefoot as humanely possible.

Additionally, many podiatrists also recommend trying to lift a ping-pong ball with your toes. Closely tied with toe-lifting exercises is toe-pointing. Randomly pick out things in the room, use your toes to point at them and hold for about five minutes. This should stimulate the nerves in the feet and lead to enhanced blood circulation.

If walking barefoot does not impress you, try the Nike Free Run technology shoes. These are special shoes created by Nike. They offer the sedated feeling and experience of walking barefoot while giving you protection to walk, run and exercise on almost any terrain.


What is the Best Running Shoe for Flat Feet?

While there are certainly many great options out there, we can’t help but choose the Brooks Beast running shoe. Not only do these running shoes provide ample support, but they also look sleek and comfortable. If you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes and you don’t mind spending a little bit of money, then the Beast Running Shoes by Brooks are beyond impressive.

Do Flat Feet Affect Running?

People with flat feet can run just as fast and as often as someone who doesn’t have flat feet. So in that respect, flat feet doesn’t affect running. But flat feet does affect how you feel after you’re done running. Without the proper running shoes, a person with flat feet will experience excessive pronation, which can undoubtedly lead to pain and stress.

Are Adidas Good for Flat Feet?

Just like any other brand, it depends on what shoes you get. If you buy a pair of Adidas shoes that are meant for walking, then they wouldn’t really help your flat feet while you’re running. If you’d like a pair of Adidas running shoes, make sure that you find a pair that were designed to help someone with flat feet.

Can Walking Barefoot Help Someone with Flat Feet?

There are some people out there who believe that humans have become lazy from wearing shoes, meaning that wearing shoes have allowed our arches to become weakened. These people believe that going barefoot can help strengthen the arches of the feet, which would be helpful for someone with flat arches. Whether or not this is true is debatable.

Are Running Shoes or Walking Shoes Better for Flat Feet?

Once again, this depends on the shoe that you’re wearing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a running shoe or a walking shoe, if it doesn’t provide adequate support then it’s not doing anything to help your feet. Regardless if it’s a running shoe or a walking shoe, you need proper support when you have flat feet.


Overall, the flat feet cannot keep you away from running or practicing any sport. Now all you need to do is find the right choose to your feet. Let’s take some time to read about condition that a running shoe for flat feet people must have and check their reviews to see how it works. Thinking that it’s just a pair of shoe, however, it relates to your health!

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