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Best Work Boots for Men – 2019

The right shoes during long shifts at work can make all the difference in how your day goes. Not only do quality shoes feel better, but they are safer for your body. Here at Top Work Boots, we make it our goal to find you the best option that will last you as long as possible.

The best work boots for you will offer comfort without feeling too heavy. They will also provide traction to prevent dangerous slips on the job and reduce foot fatigue. If you’re tired of having to buy new boots for work every few months, it’s time to invest in a quality alternative. Although quality and a high price tag often go hand in hand, our goal is to show you that you don’t have to sacrifice affordability for quality.

The best shoe will only have to be bought once and can then be worn for months or even years. We will first cover 10 of the top work boots available out there, with their key features listed. You’ll find that some are best for wet or cold conditions, while others are better for warmer environments. Read through carefully so you can find the best solution for your everyday needs.

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Top 10 Best Work Boots for Men Reviews 

1. Timberland PRO Men’s Direct Attach Six-Inch Soft-Toe Boot

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Timberland boots are known for their comfort, durability, and style, and the PRO Men’s Direct work boot is no exception. These boots are comfortable to wear immediately and don’t even require a breaking-in period. While other boots will wear out after being used for just half a year heavily, these last for much longer.

Light and Great for Long Days:

These boots can be worn for 12 hours at a time and are so comfortable, you may not want to take them off when you get home from work. They are light instead of clunky and have great traction, especially when you first get them.

Stylish and Waterproof:

Even those who don’t wear their work boots with style in mind will look stylish in these shoes. They can be worn out in rain and mud and still hold up well. They are completely waterproof until about halfway submerged in water. Compared to your old work boots, the stability offered by these will make walking up steep hills feel like walking up a staircase.

Great Ankle Support:

If ankle support is important to you in your work shoes, you will be impressed by these. When the shoes first come, you may notice that they feel a little stiff in the sole and a little tight on the sides. Just give it a couple of days, and this will fade on its own. Although they are, of course, great for working in, you might find yourself wearing them as your ordinary shoes outside of work, as well.

2. Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Men’s Tactical Side-Zip Boots

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For another pair of boots that you can break in unusually fast, consider these Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 boots. They fit and look great along with being comfortable to wear.  The first day you wear them, you may have your doubts, but keep them on, and you may find that within a day or two, they are already broken in.

Perfect for Uneven Terrain:

Offering excellent ankle and arch support, these shoes are perfect for those who have work days involving walking on uneven ground. The zip-up side feature is a unique quality of these boots and makes slipping them on and off a lot simpler and more comfortable.

The Unique Zipping Feature:

The zipper is smooth, reliable, and a knife change from traditional lace-up work shoes. A quick look at these boots is enough to tell you that they were made with quality workmanship in mind.

Sizing Tip:

Some users found that these shoes run a little big, so try ordering a half-size up when you buy them. When you first get these shoes, the soles will be a little squeaky or noise on some floor types, but this will fade the longer you wear them.

The leather feels a little bit stiff at first but does loosen with time. Note, however, that the finish on these boots may not be as sturdy as that of other shoes and could wear off with hard rubbing.

If you’ve grown accustomed to buying new most comfortable work boots every year, these will last much longer and are a good way to break that inconvenient cycle.

Although most will find that these are broken in almost immediately, everyone has different feet, and some might notice that the boots rub their heels a bit before they are entirely broken in. If your job requires that you are stable on your feet, the grip on these will serve you well.

3. Caterpillar Men’s Supersede Chukka Boot

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If you tend to work jobs that require trustworthy and right work boots, a reliable boot is a must. Depending on the climate you live, these Caterpillar Chukka boots could be what you need. The design is nice and sleek while the shoe offers durability without being bulky. The shoes are comfortable and soft when you need to walk quickly but still have a solid feel to them.

Better for Warm Environments:

Note that these shoes are good for warmer months but may not offer much protection from cold and are not waterproof. If you need mechanic shoes that are waterproof, these could still work with a waterproof spray coating.

An affordable alternative to other expensive boots, these come with a rubber sole, are made from leather, and will always feel comfortable. The shaft of the boot will measure about 5.5 inches from the arch.

Suitable for Hiking, too:

If you’re one of the many people who require boots that work both for work and other purposes, you’ll like the fact that these can double as hiking boots.

They are nice and light, perfect for everyday use along with harsh working conditions or outdoor needs. You may want to replace the laces with heavier-duty options, though, depending on your work environment.


A lot of workers spend hundreds of dollars on comfortable work boots because they have to keep buying them once or twice a year, but this sturdy alternative can end that trend for you and save you money.

They come with a classic outdoor shoe style, a cushioned midsole, running shoe construction, and speed lacing. The lug outsole has a low profile, and the removable insole is crafted from ease foam.

4. Carhartt Men’s 11″ Wellington Waterproof Soft Toe Pull-On Leather Work Boot CMP1100

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Carhartt is a familiar brand that many workers already trust. If you fall into this category or simply wish to try something new, these Carhartt CMP1100 boots could be worth considering.

If you tend to work a lot of overtime in wet conditions and are used to wearing your most comfortable work boots out quickly, these will be an investment you can rely on.

 Trustworthy Waterproofing:

If you’re tired of your “waterproof” work shoes losing their waterproofing after just a few weeks, you’ll appreciate that these hold up in that regard for much longer.

You will no longer have to struggle to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and protected while you’re hard at work each day.

These tend to run with a wide width, so keep that in mind depending on the shape of your foot. Even if you have a narrower foot, however, these can work great with inserts.


Not every work boot is suitable for wet conditions, but these will hold up well over repeated exposure to water and will remain intact, even when they start to look worn out.

Although they are more affordable than other brands, they perform even better than some pricier options. They offer a quality fit in the heel and toe box. Your feet will have plenty of room without sliding around.

There is a heel counter made of plastic at the back that may not look the greatest, but it does offer extra ankle support that is much needed for some men on the job.

These can be worn comfortably for most people right out of their packaging. Even if they do require some breaking in, it won’t take months like other shoes do.

Different climates require different needs in your work boots. Keep in mind that these shoes can run hot and may be more suitable for colder environments.

Due to their waterproof membrane, they tend to keep heat inside and may make your feet sweat.

5. Carhartt Men’s Durable Comfort 6″ Brown Waterproof Soft toe CME6055 Industrial Boot

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If you need cheap boots, you’ll like this affordable option. Another choice from the same reliable and trusted brand, the Carhartt CME6055 Industrial work boot is comfortable, offers support, and feels way lighter than you would expect.

They may just be the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever put on your feet and can be worn for 10 to 12 hours without pain, once they are broken in.

Although other shoes can make your lower back ache at the end of a long day walking around with a tool belt, these are a welcome change.

A Classic Style:

The comfort offered by these boots is on par with the most expensive name brands but is much more affordable. You may notice that this style of shoe revives an older concept as they have a classic look.

It’s clear that these were made with great craftsmanship and offer an exceptional fit for many different sizes and shapes of feet.

Fitting for Many Types of Feet:

The shoe was designed based on a wide variety of 3D foot scans in order to create the best insole. These boots offer maximum support for your arches, reducing foot fatigue, even when you’re working overtime every weak.

The material on the top cover gives up to 30 percent more traction and grip which also reduces fatigue and keeps your feet comfortable.

Here at Top Work Boots, safety is one of the features we look for. If your job requires that your feet are protected in a shock-absorbing layer, these affordable work boots can get the job done.

They have two layers of cushioning foam that will help with absorbing shock, keeping your feet safe and comfortable. The outsole is crafted from energy rubber and provides flexibility, traction, and quality grip each day at work.

6. Carhartt Men’s Durable Comfort 6″ Black Waterproof Comptoe CME6351 Industrial Boot

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If you need steel toe work boots that fit snugly and won’t cause chafing, these Carhartt Comptoe CME6351 boots can work for you. They may even feel like the perfect fit from the very first time you wear them.

They hug your feet and offer great arch support while the laces stay tight and won’t wear out over time. If style matters to you, too, you’ll be happy to know that these boots aren’t ugly like other work shoes tend to be.

Due to the advanced footbed on these boots, they fit much better than others. If you are tired of your feet feeling exhausted after every day at work, give these a try and you might instantly notice that you have far more energy than usual after your long shift. These will help keep your feet cool as well as comfortable as you work hard at your job site.

  • Wide Toes: These Carhartt Comptoe CME6351 boots come with a wide composite safety toe to offer your feet more comfort and less risk of injury.
  • Energy Recovery: Not only does the black oil-tanned upper constructed leather of these shoes look great, but it has an EVA, lightweight midsole. Crafted to provide quality energy recovery and better rebound for your feet, this midsole will absorb impact if you strike your feet, reducing soreness.
  •  Great Grip: The outsole is made from energy rubber which helps with flexibility and reliable traction every time you take a step. It’s even resistant to chemicals and oil on the ground and will keep you safe and sturdy on your feet.

Carhartt has been making high quality work boots for over 100 years now, and these boots are a great example of how the brand has stayed around for so long. They are known for quality, comfort, and durability, and this is apparent in the materials used and the feel of the shoe.

Suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, factory workers, ranchers, and farmers, these will protect your feet in the most rugged conditions and last a long time, as well.

7. Danner Men’s Crafter 6 Inch Non-Metallic Toe Work Boot

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Next is another pair of long-lasting boots that have a short break-in period, the Danner Men’s Crafter Work Boot. They can be worn every day at a busy job and stay durable and comfortable.

If you have a wide foot, just select the wider width, and your toes will have plenty of room. Some users may find that they don’t even require breaking in at all.

  • A Long-Lasting Solution for your Feet: You can expect these boots to last at least a year or more depending on how rough you are on them at work. These shoes will suit your work environment, even if it’s railroad work that involves walking across rocks every day. On the outside of the Crafter’s boot, there is a rugged exterior that houses a comfortable footbed.
  • A Specialized Comfort System: Although many steel toe work boots use thin insoles instead of stiff and stiff outsoles, these are crafted with the Danner Comfort System (patent pending). This system utilizes a full-length, deep polyurethane core, giving your feet the comfort they need hour after hour on the job. They also come with a wider toe box than other shoes and a heel clip designed to offer ideal support and balance for your feet.
  • No Hot Spots: After spending an entire day in your new boots, you will likely notice that there are no hot spots as they are roomy with plenty of space for your toes. Next, you’ll notice that the triple stitched leather is exceptionally durable and that the included waterproof liner keeps your feet dry and comfortable. These features, combined with the extra-plush footbed under your feet make this pair of boots a winner.

8. Carhartt Men’s 6″ Lug Bottom Moc Steel Toe CMW6297 Industrial Boot

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For another work boot that is suitable both on and off the job, consider the Carhartt Lug Bottom Industrial Boot. This everyday shoe offers protection for your feet, can be worn at any type of work and provides lasting comfort for your feet. Unlike most of the other items on our list, this one comes with a steel toe; a must for some more dangerous work environments. It also utilizes “Storm Defender” technology, a breathable waterproof membrane for air flow promotion and keeping your feet dry.

  • Airflow and Circulation for your Feet: The shoe is crafted with oil-tanned, brown leather, the special Carhartt rubber outsole, and Goodyear welt construction. It also has PU cushion insoles and is a perfect example of Carhartt’s standard of excellence. These imported shoes not only come with a waterproof layer that is uniquely breathable but also promote circulation and air flow for comfort.
  • Fast Dry Technology: Anyone who has ever worked a long day in sweaty or uncomfortable boots already knows that having dry feet makes all the difference in how you feel at the end of the day. The Carhartt Lug Bottom Moc Steel Toe Industrial Boot uses “Fast Dry” technology to keep your feet dry and cool, continuously wicking away moisture, even over long hours at work. This is a feature that your boots must have to stay comfort over prolonged periods of use.
  • Protection from Electricity: If you are an electrician or work around environments that involve electrical circuits, these shoes are a great fit. They come with secondary electrical protection that will keep your feet safe against accidental contact with 18,000-volt (or less) circuits.

9. Dr. Comfort Boss Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Boot Leather Lace-up

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Don’t be fooled by the name of these boots; they aren’t only for diabetics. The Dr. Comfort Boss Therapeutic boot is great for wet or cold conditions.

Even while working out in the snow, these shoes are up to the task of keeping your feet safe and comfortable. Although some may require a small breaking-in period or the addition of insoles, most will find both of these unnecessary. They will fit great right out of the packaging, as long as you carefully select your size.

    • Style and Comfort: These boots blend technology and art, resulting in a stylish boot made from durable leather. These rugged, attractive boots have an outsole that is resistant to oil and materials that can resist high abrasion. Though they aren’t meant to be worn in a construction environment, it is suitable for outdoor work and as stated, cold or wet conditions.
  • Designed to be Therapeutic: The fact that this shoe is designed as a therapy shoe should tell you that it was made with comfort in mind. It comes with gel inserts by Dr. Comfort to help prevent tired feet at the end of the day.
  • Lightweight: Heavy boots on the job can make your feet so much more tired at the end of long hours. In addition to coming with many protective and safety features, these shoes are lightweight and won’t add to unnecessary fatigue for your feet.
  • Great for Walking: These are another pair of boots that can double as work shoes and ordinary, everyday shoes. Wear them out on your walks to give your evening strolls more comfort.

These shoes run a little small, so you may want to order half a size up. Along with being great for Diabetes sufferers, these shoes can also help with arch issues or general foot pain. They are ordinary lace-up boots that have a padded lining and leather uppers.

10  KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot

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Another shoe suitable for harsh working conditions, the KEEN Utility Detroit Steel Toe Work Boot is perfect for dry conditions. They will last for months (or years, depending on your work environment) and won’t wear out with the exception of the tread. You can wear these for 12 hours at a time, and they will hold up over time.

  • Not very Waterproof: If your job involves using heavy equipment in a harsh environment, these will keep your feet comfortable. Note, however, that they aren’t very waterproof. If they get wet near the mesh, you will notice some dampness in your socks. Also, keep in mind that the shoelaces that come on these shoes are not very strong and may snap after a while.
  • Sizing Information: If you’re familiar with the KEEN brand, you might already know what size you wear. However, some users have noticed that the brand has changed their sizing so ordering up half a size might be best. Other users have reported that the sizing is perfect as it is, so do your research before choosing which size to wear in these boots.
  • Retail or Warehouse use: Although these steel toe boots are suitable for harsh environments and conditions at work, they can also be worn at retail or warehouse jobs. Even after walking all day in them, they will feel so comfortable that you may not want to remove them when you get home. They are lightweight and very comfortable.
  • Great Traction: Quality traction is key if you work around slippery floors, so a boot like this with a stable underside will keep you safe from harm. These shoes are medium profile and have a hiking boot style to them, built to protect every part of your foot.
  • Ventilation: Your feet will stay ventilated in these boots because of the airflow offered by the area between the shoelaces.

Best Work Boots Buying Guide: Ten Key Features Explained

If your job involves a field with harsh environments or construction work of any kind, you probably already know that you need a certain standard of quality for what you put on your feet.

The right shoe will protect you from cold, heat, heavy items, electrical shocks, and more. Depending on the environment you work in, the boot you choose may only cover a few of these at a time.

Before making your choice, however, you have to know which features to look for in your work shoes. This short guide will show you precisely what you need your boots to have.

As stated, every environment calls for something different. For instance, waterproofing may be more important than durability, or a hard outer-shell may be more important for your work environment than air flow. Always use your best judgment when making a selection:

Adequate Air Flow:

Do you work in a humid environment or out in the sun all day long? It’s no secret that one or both of these factors can lead to sweaty feet, discomfort, and chafed heels at the end of a long day. This is what makes adequate air flow so important for your feet. For hot environments, try to find boots that offer plenty of ventilation.

Warmth on the Job:

Those who work in colder conditions, however, might require boots that keep their feet warm. If your field calls for you to be outside year round and you work somewhere with a lot of rain or snow, prioritize sturdy insulation that will save your toes from frostbite or discomfort.

It doesn’t make much sense to invest in work boots with great traction if those boots can’t keep you comfortable and warm out in the cold.

High-quality work boots with insulation can be worn out in 30-below temperatures. But remember that if you choose a boot with this kind of insulation, it will likely feel very hot in the summer.

The solution here is to own two pairs of boots with different insulation or switch out the socks you wear depending on the time of year.


Do you walk through a lot of mud at work or live somewhere that rains a lot? Then waterproofing is another feature you need to think about in your work boots. Boots with a waterproof layer don’t come in as many colors or materials but are needed in certain environments. Wet socks are not only uncomfortable but can cause chafing and blisters.

Overall Comfort for your Feet:

Wearing boots at work all day might lead to sore feet the day after, but you can judge how comfortable your shoes really are by how your feet feel after an 8-hour shift. If your feet are aching after a normal workday, you’re wearing the wrong shoes. Make sure your toes are never squished and have the freedom to move a bit.

Quality Grip:

Whether you work inside or outside, traction matters. Whatever the environment, proper grip will keep your body safe and upright, even on slushy or slippery surfaces. Working in icy conditions makes it easy to seriously hurt yourself in the unfortunate event of a fall, so this consideration can’t be ignored. Take your safety seriously and remember that it all starts with the right boot.

Resistant Heel and Sole:

No matter which type of floor or ground you walk on at work, your shoes should be oil and slip-resistant. Even if you don’t typically walk on slippery surfaces, there’s always a chance that you’ll be exposed to them on certain days. A quality work shoe will come with puncture-resistant plates that won’t be pierced if you step on a nail. If you work at a construction job, for example, this is a feature worth seeking out.

Extra Support:

If you tend to carry a lot of heavy items at work, you may want to find shoes that have metatarsal guards. These are a lot like safety toes, but the protection extends beyond just the tip of the boot. Loggers and railroad workers will need to take this a step further and find shoes that come with ankle support, like a couple of the boots on our list above.

Protection against Electrical Surges:

A lot of work shoes are built to use near electricity, but it’s up to you to decide whether this is needed for your specific job. Work boots can be built for safety around electrical hazards and also for how well they can dissipate static.

Boots built for electrical hazards come with materials that are meant to be non-conductive and are free from metallic components that could lead to electrocution.

Boots with static dissipation, however, come with a conductive insole that will prevent static electricity from building up in the shoe. These are primarily used in jobs that involve manufacturing electrical components.

Immediate Comfort:

The break-in period is something you must think about if you need to start wearing your work boots right away. For shoes to fulfill their job, they have to be durable, which means that they can take some time to feel comfortable.

Thankfully, it’s possible to find quality shoes that feel comfortable almost immediately or, sometimes, right out of their box.


One of the main reasons people take their time selecting their work boots is to make sure that they last longer than just a few months. Durable construction is a must for this to be possible. The right choice will hold up to miles and miles of walking while remaining intact.

Top 5 brands which you can trust

Anyone who has ever bought a cheap, generic brand of shoes and had them fall apart after mere weeks or months of use knows that quality is important. Some companies just offer better quality than others. When you’re selecting the work boots you’ll pull on week after week, brand name matters. Trust a reliable name with quality reviews, and you can’t go wrong. Here are five of the best.

Timberland Work Boots:

This is a familiar brand that most will recognize. As one of the most famous boot brands in existence, Timberland has been crafting quality work shoes for decades. What will you get when you invest in a pair of Timberland work boots?

  • A Shorter Break-in Period: The brand is known for its extreme comfort and uniquely short break-in period. These boots are crafted with the best materials and technology available on the market. The work boots offered here are both stylish and classical, making for a successful combination you can wear day after day.
  • Quality Protection: If protection for your feet is important at your job, this brand is a good choice. In addition to all of the features already mentioned, Timberland is known for being affordable in terms of value to price.

One possible downside, however, is durability as some boots by Timberland didn’t last as long as competing brand boots. Some users have had to wear their boots around the house for a while before bringing them on the job, but this is well worth it once you have them broken in.

Caterpillar Work Boots:

Another well-known work boot brand is Caterpillar. Like Timberland, this brand is known for its comfort and durability.

  • Long-lasting: A single pair of Caterpillar boots can last you for years at a time, even with daily use. The brand also offers specific types of work shoes for varying environments. They have waterproof boots and best insulated work boots. Whatever specific needs that must be covered in your work shoes, this brand can deliver.
  • Stylish: Style or aesthetic appeal isn’t important to every worker, but if it matters to you, you’ll be glad to know that Caterpillar boots tend to be quite attractive. They can be worn both on the job and in everyday situations.

Keep in mind that Caterpillar boots are known to take longer than other brands to break in. When your Caterpillar shoes first arrive, they may feel hard. However, once you have broken them in, they will be so comfortable you’ll forget the break-in period altogether.

Keen Work Boots:

KEEN is a brand that applies all of the newest technology to their products. As soon as you slip on a KEEN boot, you’ll notice that each part of it was crafted with care and consideration. Here are some of the features offered by KEEN boots:

  • Lightweight Options for Comfort: The brand has some lightweight options to keep your feet from growing tired and sore throughout the day. They also have designs that offer indisputable protection and comfort that other light boots can’t provide.
  • A Signature Style: Depending on your taste, this could be either a pro or a con as far as your work boots go. Some may not be as fond of the look of KEEN boots as they are of other brands. But if the signature yellow lines on the boot don’t bother you, you will own one of the best brands available.

Carhartt Work boots:

Carhartt has been around since 1889, and there’s a good reason for that. No matter how rugged your work is, they have a boot that will fit the job. They have an entire line of footwear built with safety toes built to face the fiercest conditions to keep your feet safe.

  • More Variety and Options: They have safety boots with steel toes and composite toes. In addition to durable work boots, they also have shoes fit for the outdoors and hiking. Although their shoes are strong and built to last, many of them also offer flexibility that is hard to find in similar styles.
  • Advanced Technology: Carhartt uses the latest technology available to make their shoes suitable for many different working conditions, including their Storm Defender waterproof membrane and Fast Dry technology. While other boots might leave your feet sweaty or wet at the end of the day, these boots prevent these unfortunate events.
  • Versatility in your Work Boot: If you want a boot that is as comfortable as a running shoe while functioning like a boot, Carhartt is a trustworthy brand. Their shoes can be worn both on and off the job with comfort and style.

Depending on the boot you choose, Carhartt shoes may need to be broken in. They offer steel toe protection and also shoes without this feature. Whether you are working inside or outside, they have a boot that will fit your needs.

Danner Work Boots:

Danner offers heavy duty shoes that are built to be safe, protect your feet from the elements, and offer great traction on slippery or uneven surfaces. They can be worn inside or outside. Let’s look at some key features offered by this brand.

  • A Thorough Creation Process: Danner uses the highest-quality materials available around the world. This involves some of the boot construction being done overseas and then shipped back to the USA to be finished. As soon as the components are back in the brand’s Portland Oregon manufacturing facility, the boot bottom is crafted by hand. This process allows for a more affordable boot without sacrificing any quality.
  • Professional Appearance: Danner makes boots for military, hunting, law enforcement, construction, and more. They have a distinct look to them that is quite distinguished.
  • Certified for Quality: Danner boots are Berry Compliant certified, meaning that they exceed or meet the strictest guidelines that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) sets for excellence. Each material used in the boot is USA-sourced. The brand has been around since 1932.

Comfort and Quality:

Contrary to what you may have believed before, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for comfort, or vice versa. Welted construction and full-grain leather are great for durability and work for most jobs requiring sturdy boots. But these may be heavier than others, so if you must walk a lot at work, you need lightweight boots. Looking into work shoes made with alternate materials can reduce the weight of your shoes and prevent fatigue on the job.

Notice how they Feel:

Here at Top Work Boots, we do our best to help you make the right choice. But all the research in the world won’t do much to help your feet if you don’t find shoes that feel good on your feet. Think about whether the toe feels much heavier than the rest of the shoe, or whether it offers a balanced feeling for your entire foot.

If you make the right choice, it could be the difference between having to buy two pairs of boots each year and only buying one that will last multiple years.


As you can see, there is no shortage of considerations you must make when selecting the right pair of most stylish work boots. To find the best work boots on the market for you, the brand name must be researched, along with user experience reports and key features. Not only do the right shoes make a difference in how you feel at the end of the day, but they could also even contribute to better posture and fewer health problems as time goes on.

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