GT 2000 Review

Asics GT 2000 Review

For those who addicted to sport, choosing a good and durable shoes is a must. Indeed, playing sport is a simple way to improve health and mental, meanwhile having fun with friends or family. Besides of corresponding equipment, players need to choose a good pair of shoes whether you play soccer, tennis or simply running. Especially, for flat feet people, a specific pair of shoe will help them to avoid injuries during their practice.

Among huge shoe market for flat feet people, Asics GT 2000 is ranked in top 10 best running shoes. This new product of Asics has been improved a lot, comparing with his older brothers and guaranty that it would bring you to your best performance. In fact, many runners with Asics GT 2000 admit that the shoe is well-cushioned, made with durable materials and offer the stability while running. Now, let’s take a deeper look about it and see if it’s as good as people are saying.

GT 2000 Review

To become a perfect shoe for flat feet runners, that shoe had to have the following qualities: well-cushioning, which means it had enough good cushion to absorb shock of impact; the stability to answer the question if it supports your feet well while running and, finally, motion control – if overall the shoe gives good feeling and great performance in several different kinds of terrain. So, I will also use 3 critics to rate the Asics GT 2000.

Cushioning! Cushioning everywhere!

The Asics GT 2000 is well-cushioned. Using its Rear foot and Forefoot Gel Cushioning System, the shoe reduces shock very well. The cushioning presents in different part of the shoe such as midsole, upper… In fact, large gel cushioning, made of silicone gel, is designed in fore food and heel, less bulky than previous product. The material provides good cushioning, absorb well impact so that you can feel comfortable during your run or workout. Once you put it in, you could feel it almost immediately. Moreover, the midsole of the unit is made of Solyte – an excellent and durable material providing more cushioning. Which also means that the shock will be absorb longer. This will increase stability while running as well as durability. Besides, the midsole is built with the Impact Guidance System of Asics. This design gives the balance of shoe and smooth transition from heel to toe.

Another thing that runners like about GT 2000 is its breathability. Even though it’s well-cushioned around your feet, you still feel that there are some space left allowing your feet to breathe. Because the upper of GT 2000 is created with an open mesh and has Comfort Dry Sockliner, which is an anti-bacterial material that could prevent odors. This design allows air flow through, reduces moisture, and keeps feet cool and dry in order to make you feel comfortable. Overall, the Asics GT 2000 has lots of cushioning in order to offer maximum comfort, stability and prevent arches collapse.


After exercising by professionals, the shoe definitely provide more stability to runners, especially to flat feet runners. During running, though its weight will slow down your performance, the Guidance Trussic System, somehow, decrease the weight of shoe, make the running become easier. Great material at midsole is also an element provides stability of shoe. The Solyte material doesn’t simply provide responsive cushioning, but also absorb shock, reduce weight. Moreover, the ultra-light midsole offers a good transition from heel to toe so that you could run stably and comfort. Ranking to point of 10, stability of Asics GT 2000 is about 7 point. That’s quite good. In this GT 2000, the company has improved its old Duomax by the Dynamic Duomax. The material provides smoother control for over pronators. We can say that the GT 2000 is supporting you more than its old brother. And this comfort feeling will follow you until you take these shoe out.

Besides, outer sole of the Asics has AHAR, a carbon rubber material signature of Asics. It offers a great stability, flexibility and durability throughout your run.

Motion control

Come to running, the Asics GT 2000 seems to be in accordance with moderate over pronated feet. Fist time when I put it in, I find that the shoe lightly fit well to my feet, exactly my size. And then when I make my first running step, it’s really comfortable and I couldn’t feel any hard impact on my feet. Definitely cushioning do their job well. Moreover, thanks to the carbon rubber in the outer sole, you can run in diver terrains. But some reports says that you shouldn’t run in trail. For trainings, the Asics GT 2000 is pretty good to use, sure that you could improve your performance for long term. Because comparing with others models, the GT 2000 is a little bit heavier.

Others information

Asics GT 2000 has improved a lot with their appearance. This model has an eye-catching design with plenty of colors to choose, such as white – orange – lightning, black – brilliant blue – lime or silver – Neon yellow – blue. You couldn’t never be dissolve in public. Size goes well to. I mean you can buy the shoe with your exact size. But to use its best, GT 2000 is matched more for medium-sized feet.

Comparing with some others running shoe for over pronators, this Asics seems little bit heavier: 312 grams for men and 261 grams to women. But while running you don’t feel that the shoe’s weight is holding you back. And finally, the Asics GT 2000’s price increases a little bit, about 10$. I think it isn’t much for such improvements in simple shoe.


Overall, the Asics GT 2000 is still deserved to be listed as best shoe for flat feet people. It has style, colors and most importantly, lots of improvements such as cushioning, stability comparing with previous Asics ’shoe. Sure that wearing it, you won’t be worry about injuries or pain anymore and enjoy great time of practicing. Even though its price is a little bit higher, but I believe this is a worthy investment. You couldn’t never find good product without paying high price.

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