How To Wear Boat Shoes

How To Wear Boat Shoes

No, you don’t have to own a yacht or go out on a boat to wear your boat shoes, they’re suitable for almost any occasion. They’re ideal for outdoor activities, like a long costal walk, a trip down the beach or even a cycling trip. When it’s time for the holiday season, they’re a great lightweight shoe to carry along in your suitcase, and they’re perfect for those long hours you spend window shopping, or for a casual lunch or dinner.

Below are a few ideas on what to wear with with your favorite pair of me:

  1. If you want to go for a more dressed down casual appearance then try wearing button-down shirts, and sweater vests and ties, a good combination for a date when you don’t want to look to nice but still make an impression. You can also wear any kind of casual top with these shoes – T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, and hoodies all look fine with boat shoes.
  2. They look especially cute with a pair of shorts or jeans and a longish oversized cardigan.
  3. Bermuda shorts, denim or plaid is fine, a tank including horizontal stripes, and a cute nautical or prep school cardigan works really well. Then pair it with a few nautical accessories to go for an even cuter look.
  4. You can wear pretty much any type of khakis, chinos, shorts, cargo pants or jeans with boat shoes. They are a type of footwear intended for water enthusiasts and can be seen as a really sporty shoes as well,  sometimes even compared to moccasins. Meaning they look fine with a pair of slightly, even very, sporty pants.
  5. They look fantastic with maxi dresses and can be worn throughout almost all seasons. You can also go for a more tough and rock and roll look by pairing them with rocker tees, boyfriend jeans, and leather jackets.
  6. If your wearing a pair of tanned boat shoes then a red and navy striped dress looks good, very nautical, or maybe a black bat winged top and jeans with some silver stand out accessories, and for a completely different look but with the same outfit, just chuck on a leather motorcycle jacket (preferably a dull red), very affective.
  7. Pair boldly patterned shoes, like animal prints and plaids, with neutral colored skirts, pants or dresses that are in solid colors.
  8. For an example, if you’ve chosen to go for a pair of Hover Boat Shoes by Crocs, specifically the red, white and blue pair, here are a few outfit combinations for you to try out. A pair of khaki shorts (cream) and a comfy classic polo shirt (blue), and maybe a few white and blue accessories, for a super cute and relaxed look. The classic summer white look, any will do, try going for your most comfortable whites and then just pair them with your Crocs. And the casual chic look, wear your favorite button down (light blue) and then a pair of boyfriend jeans, simple but effective. These all generally work with any type of boat shoe, just mix and match and let the shoes do the hard work.

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