Easy Tips on How to Make Your Shoes Smell Good

Easy Tips on How to Make Your Shoes Smell Good

Are you searching for ways on how to eliminate the foul odor from your shoes in the shoe racks? You just landed on the right page. Smelly shoes cannot be avoided as our feet can also sweat from time to time. If the shoes are not washed for a long time or it is not made up of breathable materials, shoes are likely to produce awful smell. But there is nothing to worry about as this article will show you easy tips on how to make your shoes smell good. First, let us discuss the causes of unpleasant smell of the shoes.

Causes of Unpleasant Smell

  • Sweat – Some people have naturally sweaty feet. It cannot be avoided but there are many ways to make your shoes smell good even if you have sweat issues.
  • Bacteria–When shoes are inhibited bacteria, they can grow fast especially when the shoes are used without shoes. Sweat also feeds the bacteria and leads to foul smell.
  • Wounds and other foot problems – Other causes of unpleasant smell are foot problems. Wounds can also contribute to the unpleasant smell of the shoes. It is important to treat the wounds right away.

What to do Make Your Shoes Smell Good

The unpleasant smell of shoes can make you feel like wanting to throw them away. But there are many ways to eliminate the unpleasant smell.

Tips to Prevent Shoe Odor

Here are some tips to prevent your shoes from developing unpleasant smell.

Alternate footwear – If possible, invest with another shoes so you can allow your first pair to breathe after use. This prevents the shoes from developing smell.
Wash your feet every day – It is important to wash your feet every day with soap to eliminate bacteria. Since bacteria is the main cause of shoe odor, it is just right to combat the main source.
Use feet deodorant – Even if you do not have smelly feet, it is still possible for your feet to sweat. Sweat allows bacteria to grow. Using feet deodorant can prevent your feet from sweating excessively.

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