Brooks Beast 14

Brooks Beast 14 Review

Apart from the famous shoe’s brand such as Nike, Adidas, New Balance… Brooks is known as the monster of a running shoes, especially Brooks Beast 14. It is a long time since Brooks Beast 14 has been launched to market. However, Brooks Beast 14 has been still considered that it is one of the most high – quality kinds with both the nice appearance and maximum support. This brought more benefits to customers. So, in this report, I would like to give you some information about its exact benefits and help you to understand clearly about this great kind of running shoes.

Founded in 1914, Brooks is knows as an American running company which provides many great products as running shoes, apparel and accessories around the world. It is also such a popular brand in sporty field. Besides, it not only is the main sponsor of the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project but also provided the sole uniforms for Chile national football team until 2010. During Brook Beast 14 was launched, it helped its company not only more famous but also more successful in the global market.

Brooks Beast 14’s describing:

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The colors of this running shoes are red, mars, anthracite or silver. That make more choices for users. Most people are impressed by its own color which is full fashionable and attractive.

Mesh: I can say that mess is seen as a nice point which makes its designs more special. The other of its function is that gets rid of the air from its inside.

The sole’s shoes: This is the most important points of the running shoes which most user specially pay more attentions. The first part is pad. Brooks Beast has two pads. .There is the one right on the outer which is designed from mid foot to fore foot. The second one is its plastic mid foot shank which makes our running position more stable. Finally, the sole whose form looks like poured foam is a three layer with molded contours. Moreover, its insole is amazingly cushy. With this great design, it makes this product have a marked difference which can help user or runner feel comfortable when using.

Semi – elastic TPU mid foot panels with thin mesh overlays for vents which make its own brand.

No – sew overlays in the upper that create comfortable in every steps.

Some reviews of Brooks Beast 14

I may say that most people usually love this comfortable running shoes which Brooks Beast owns. Brook always brings many surprises to their customer from attractive model to its high – quality. Thanks to Brook’s professional design, it creates this product with precise details, especially its own sole. It helps users or runner more confident in their every step.

Sizing/ Fit: There are some basic sizes of Brooks Beast. A marked difference of this shoes is the size which is not as big as actual shoes in the market. However, this always bring a perfect fit.

Weight: Brooks Beast 14 is designed for both men and women, so the size or weight is also different to be suitable for the own sex. The weight of the men’s one is 388 grams, while the weight of the women’s one is 349 grams. This is considered that Brooks Company is very kind of their customers, as though they always wish users will feel the most comfortable when using not only running shoes but also the other product like clothes and accessories.

Durability: Although, the cost of Brooks Beast 14 is quite expensive, its durability is very good. I saw some review in the online shop web. Most users scare that if they pay more money for this running shoes, but its durability does not last long, what should they buy it? As a meaning idiom “You get what you pay for”, I believe that you will get its real worth.

Stability: Brooks Beast 14 – the running shoes is one of the best line due to its own stability. When you wear it, you will feel comfortable or confident while you are walking on the road or you are running on race. Do not worry about that because Brook Beast always provide the great support as well as the maximum stability that you need during running or walking.

Price: Generally, the price of Brooks Beast 14 is not cheap. Its cost will about 160$ for a pair of running shoes. If this cost is too expensive for you to buy, you can buy the second – hand one. But for me, it’s worthy to purchase a qualified pair of shoe so that you can use it for many year. I suggest that you should go to the official store of Brooks or some prestigious branches to buy it. The best way as well as the safest way which can prevent from mistakes when buying running shoes is that you should research or find the information about the type of shoes you would like to buy.

Overall, this product is suitable for most people from the youth to the old thanks to its great design. If users are sporty players especially the runners marathon, they always consider this one at first. Whereas, if users are the youth, they can use it with their different targets such as doing exercise or the new style for coming to school.

With every brand of running shoes, there may have some different pros and cos. However, Brook wish that keep giving to their customer more benefits.

As the meaning name of this product – Brooks Beast 14, this is the monster of stability, cushion and support. It is designed with an attractive appearance and high – quality one as well as its suitable price. When you wear it, it will make your foot dignified more beautiful. Specially, Brooks Beast 14 can even bring its power or confident to the owner during your walking or running. The word “WINNER” maybe come to your mind suddenly when you use it. This is such a wonderful thing for Brook’s customers. Keep calm and own it immediately!

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